Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Review – Big Guy Reviews

I had an afternoon with the new Mercane Wide Wheel Pro over the weekend and took it through its paces 🙂 Many thanks to Ride the Glide here in Victoria for lending me the electric scooter for the review and to Michael and Rick for shooting some fun video for me to edit with 🙂

So I must say that when I started out I was a bit apprehensive about the wide wheels. I had ridden the scooter before on a comparison video and wasn’t a fan. I had also ridden the previous iteration from Mercane, (Wide Wheel not pro) and found the ride to be quite harsh…the acceleration strong but overall missed the mark. I actually think that this version is a lot better…and that might be just because I’m getting used to the wider turning radius and the torque.

What do I like?
I love the power, quick acceleration
The construction is solid…really well made
Brakes are solid
Tires (solid, foam filled) – no flars

I don’t like?
You guessed it the wide tires…but I’m warming to them 🙂

Who’s it for?
I think anyone that’s tried a simple scooter will find this a joy to own and ride.
The commuter with a 5 mile/8 Km commute would find it long as the roads or trails are smooth.

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