MATE CITY Foldable Electric Bike – First Look!

Next up is the MATE City! In this video we look at the 250W model, which is road legal in the UK! The MATE City electric bike is a versatile e-bike, effortless to fold, lightweight and packed with excellent features, such as full suspension, hydraulic brakes, all-terrain tyres and a long-lasting battery!

Interested in purchasing a MATE City –

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Motor Scooters – A Quick Guide to Finding a Practical One

If you have read some motor scooter reviews, you are now probably aware how many scooters are actually out there in the market. I know, it is absolute chaos, and the choices are quite daunting. Everything, from the models to the parts can get really confusing.

Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Electric Moped

Electric Mopeds are changing the way we think about travel. While electric cars are still too expensive for the majority of people, good quality mopeds can be bought for as little as £1000. With the cost savings of running one, the real cost is much, much lower.

Assess the Risks and Keep Your Bike Safe

All motorbike owners will be aware of the security risks that can be posed by having an inadequately protected motorbike, and the rate of theft for bikes is said to be twice that of cars. A good security system such as a bike alarm or immobiliser is essential to protect any motorbike, and there are many different options available to suit any customer’s needs and budget. A great place to start looking for a bike alarm is online, where there will be a large range of products available, often at competitive prices.

Currie Ezip 1000 – Not Your Average, Everyday Electric Scooter!

Living in a retirement community, the Currie Ezip 1000 solved one our biggest problems. We live quite close to many of the community’s destinations, but not so close that we could walk to reach them. Many of our neighbors have golf carts, but the many features of the Ezip 1000 made it a better choice for us.

Scooters – What’s the Best One For You to Have

If you have been reading motor scooter reviews and trying to look for one that you can call your own, you might already know by now how many choices you can make. It is easy to get loss when it comes to brand names, model numbers, electric scooter parts, gas scooter parts, or even the functions and uses of a motor scooter. Unlike before, there were only a number of options, you could easily choose between Yamaha mopeds, Honda mopeds, or a Vespa.

Motor Scooters – The Different Kinds and the Right Kind For You

Motor scooters have been around for almost a century. Early record shows that designs of motor scooters can be found even before the year 1914. If you think about that, you will begin to realize, how far we really have gone when it comes to scooters.

Touring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Motorcycle

One of the reasons I ride is for the spirit of facing the road and life with a can-do attitude, and another is for the joy of seeing the landscape unfold. If that’s part of your riding psyche, too, you’ll feel right at home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, or The U.P.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Safety Vest

There are a number of different options that are available to you when choosing a motorcycle safety vest. Choosing a hi-visibility safety vest for motorcycle riding is not only going to be able to keep you secure but it will help you to be more confident whenever you’re on the road. By looking at these options that are available, you’ll be able to choose the right vest and the decision will be as easy to make as night and day, similar to comparing motorcycle safety reflectors with bicycle safety reflectors.

Harley Davidson Comes With the Most Promising Pictures – Check This Out Now!

Harley Davidson is a well known brand and for the reputation it holds, anything that is offered by this company is like a blessing for all its lovers so are the Harley Davidson pictures. As old as 100 years, this company is all for innovative ideas all the time to lure people and make sure that they get more and more customers on board.

The All New Honda VFR Launches This February 2010!

Style and innovation is indeed the perfect fusion of beauty and function. A complete integration of sophisticated design and engineering appear in all Honda accessories and Honda motorcycle parts. And now, with their newest model – the VFR2001F – that renowned integration manifests itself.

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