Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro – Full Review

Carrying on from our “Wolf Pack” comparison video , we take a closer look at each model individually. Next up, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro!

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We will take a closer look at the new WOLF KING GT model in the near future!

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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Specification
08:25 – Off Road Riding
13:40 – Top Speed Run

How to Buy Quality Motocross Gloves

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Thunderbird Sport – A Triumph

The Thunderbird motorcycle of 1949 was a project of Edward Turner, then managing director and lead designer of Triumph. He was looking for a powerful roadburner to build the market in the United States; already healthy, but also red-hot as the families were returning to ‘normal’ in the aftermath of World War II.

Triumph Thunderbird – Past and Present

Triumph has produced many legendary motorcycles in its 107 year existence – the longest continual production of any bike manufacturer in the world. First produced in 1949, the Triumph Thunderbird 6T became a seminal model in the Triumph family. It was the bike which made Triumph an American favorite – Triumph sold more motorcycles in the US after 1950 than they did in any other country.

Harley Davidson Clock – The Perfect Gift For the Biker That Already Has Everything

A Harley Davidson clock is the perfect gift for that chopper lover in your life. These go great in game rooms, shops or garages.

Datatool System 3

In 2000, more than 35,000 people were affected by bike theft, which while being relatively small in comparison to that of cars, still represents a serious problem in the UK and contributed, significantly, to the 340,000 total vehicles stolen in 2000. That’s 1 bike for every 40 on the road; almost twice that of cars!

Duchini Bluetooth Helmets

So, don’t be stunned when you see bikers talking to themselves while on a ride. A Bluetooth helmet is a very unique way to stay in touch while you move on roads. You can talk hands free without any headphones or boring stuffing into your ears.

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Pit bikes are similar to the usual dirt bikes but the main difference between them is that a pit bike is a smaller version of a dirt bike. They have become extremely popular amongst the youngsters and children these days. Pit bikes were originally used by racers and mechanics to get in and out of the pit as they were easy to handle and drive.

The Harley Davidson Company

The Harley Davidson Company is world renowned for its heavyweight motorbikes which sport distinctive and traditional designs, a style which ultimately lead to the chopper design used by many motorbike manufactures today. Harley Davidson is now a public company, and is also known under the names Harley or simply HD. The motorbikes produced by the company are commonly referred to simply as Harleys.

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