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The Motorbike Theory Test – An Overview

The Motorbike Theory Test is an absolute requirement for obtaining a full motorbike licence. This article discusses what is involved in booking and taking the test.

Neon Lights – A Great Addon For Motorcycles and Cars

Whenever you have to buy a neon under light car kit for your vehicle always prefer these kits from a good brand. There are kits of various brands available in the market nowadays but the most preferable are the lite glow, street glow and plasma glow.

Building an Electric Bike – Choosing a Frame

When most people decide to build an electric bike they usually don’t think much about the type of frame they use. Often they use any old bike they have lying around or go buy a cheap bike from Walmart. This is fine if you are building a low power ebike but if you want something faster and more powerful than the average electric bicycle you need to choose your bicycle frame carefully.

Motorcycle Helmets – How to Determine Proper Fit

Why wear a motorcycle helmet if it is not properly fitted? Proper fit can be the difference between life and death on a motorcycle. Read on to find out how to determine a properly fitted helmet.

The UK Motorbike Practical Test – An Overview

The Motorbike Practical Test, like the Motorbike Theory Test, is an absolute requirement for obtaining a full motorbike license in the UK. The basic content and sequence of the test is discussed in this article.

10 Must Have Add-Ons for Motorcycle Touring

After taking several multi-day trips on my motorcycle, I decided on this list of add-ons that I wouldn’t leave home without. This list is a combination of gear and bike enhancements.

UK Motorbike Licence Basics

Obtaining a UK Motorbike Licence can be tricky. There are a number of steps involved, and the timing and sequence are important. The basic requirements are outlined here.

How to Ensure Motorcycle Shipping is Done Right

Motorcycle shipping using a transport company is becoming more popular these days because it ensures that it gets to your new destination safely. Before you can hire a company to ship your bike, you have to understand how to ensure that the shipping is done right.

AFX Motorcycle Helmet Reviews – Select the Right Helmet

AFX motorcycle helmet reviews can help an individual select the right helmet. They are one of the major manufacturers today that are a family owned and operated business.

Four Wheels Or Two Wheels – You Decide

After much deliberation your parents try to make you understand that a motorcycle was not the right choice for you as a vehicle to use every day. You wanted to be able to purchase a motorcycle because they were cheaper on gas and auto insurance and were easier to keep in the garage since they took less room. When you reviewed the auto insurance quotes online you saw the difference in premiums was something that you could afford and wanted to get the permission to purchase a motorcycle.

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