Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review – Wolf Warrior II – Electric Scooter Review

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review – Wolf Warrior II – Electric Scooter Review

Thank you to Ride the Glide right here in Victoria for the opportunity to try out the Wolf Warrior II and to Melissa for helping with the filming 🙂
A fabulous machine, ask me questions down below 🙂

Teenagers And Motorcycles

There is something about the teen years that seems to draw many children towards the idea of owning a motorcycle. As they get older, they feel that they have outgrown their bicycles and are talking or even asking about motorcycles.

The 2012 Steve Mcqueen Triumph Bonneville Edition Released!

Steve Mcqueen Hollywood actor lives on with Triumph Motorcycles tribute motorcycle. The 2012 Triumph Bonneville Steve Mcqueen edition is in high demand. Considering Triumph has only released 1100 of these beautiful motorcycles to the world.

Do It Yourself: Put Together a Moving Truck

Making your trailer that can move your motorcycle with ease is certainly one smart way to travel with your motorbike intact and strapped snugly as you relax and enjoy the scenery. Besides, you want to preserve the paint and chrome nice and clean. Correct?

DIY Motorcycle Tech: Servicing Your Brakes

Brakes are sometimes neglected by many riders after they have served countless miles halting your bike when you need them. This short do-it-yourself servicing of your brakes is another reminder that we need to check them regularly and make sure they function properly to avoid being one of thousands of victims from motorcycle accidents.

Comparison Between Automotive Oil and Motorcycle Oil

Oil is quite essential for the smooth functioning of engines in both motorcycles and automobiles. However, there are different types of oils which have different types of viscosities and it should be chosen accordingly. In the past, engine oils used in cars and motorcycles varied hugely due to various factors.

What You Need to Know About Ball Bearings?

Ball bearings are sphere-shaped metal ball that works densely with other types of bearings that have similar shape and sizes to allow spinning motion. There are various sizes of ball bearings from very small to extremely large types. This type of tool can be used in wide array of application.

When 12 Volts Is Not Enough

On the first day of a recent ride to Arkansas, with a group of seven bikes we managed to basically make it to our destination in Hot Springs with almost and I stress the ‘almost’ no incidents. You may have already read about this trip in an earlier article but in danger of being repetitive, the day started wet but ended dry and sunny with miles of perfect twisty pavement under our belts. We were lucky.

History of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company

One of the most well-known motorcycle companies in the world, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, started from humble beginnings and has become one of the top motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world. This iconic motorcycle brand started in a small wooden shed, where…

Motorcycle Jackets: Evaluating Quality

A motorcycle jacket is the second most important investment for a rider after a helmet. In this article, I provide some points to consider when purchasing your next motorcycle jacket.

Selecting a Motorcycle Fairing for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle fairings are used for adding style quotient to your motorcycle. In addition, they are also useful for protecting the rider from wind, rain and debris.

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