Kaabo Wolf King | Finger Print Reader

This Reader is ONLY Compatible with MiniMotors EY3 Display.

install at your OWN RISK…

NOTE: Manufacturer warns that 4 out of 200 Readers will cause Display to shut off even during ride.

KTM 144SX Motocross Bike Review

When I first heard about KTM’s “New 144cc 2-stroke Motocross bike,” I didn’t think much of it, other than that it sounded really cool. I got my first taste of one at a local race, and I wasn’t even riding it! A local A rider had been riding it and was keeping up, and passing, 450 four strokes…

How to Hire a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Lets face it, no one ever thinks they will be involved in a motorcycle accident and when they do the last thing they think about is hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer because many people believe that if they have full coverage motorcycle insurance they will be taken care of in the event of a motorcycle accident. The truth of the matter is you should always hire a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you so your rights are protected when dealing with the at faults party’s insurance company.

Is Harley Davidson Moving to Mexico?

Is Harley Davidson moving to Mexico, or any other country for that matter? The short answer is no, however the motorcycle company is hurting from the depleted economy like most other American businesses right now.

Why Build an Electric Bike?

You may be wondering why you should build your own bike when you can go buy an off the shelf electric bike or scooter at your local Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire for a reasonable price. The main reason is these bikes just plain suck. They are underpowered with small motors, low amperage controllers, and weak batteries.

Helmet Mohawks – Making Riders Stand Out in a Crowd

Helmet Mohawks are becoming more and more popular among motorcyclists throughout the world, perhaps because they create a unique look that gets the attention of others, they can easily be removed, and they can help increase the visibility of the rider. Helmet Mohawks are a great helmet accessory for those that aren’t afraid to show off a little attitude while riding, and enjoy getting attention from others. Riders that are generally more outgoing can be seen worn this type of product.

Men’s Motorcycle Jackets – Popular Buying Factors

When bikers hit the road, they should always think about bringing along men’s motorcycle jackets. Some of the benefits of having these pieces of biker gear along is added comfort as well as protection from all types of weather conditions.

The Importance of Leather Saddlebags and Leather Luggage

Motorcycles look great accessorized with leather. And saddlebags and luggage are great accessories as well as being important and practical. See more to find out what you should pack in your saddlebags and luggage and how useful they will be to you.

Customizing Your Motorcycle the Easy Way

There is an old saying in the world of Harley Davidson motorcycles and that is that there is no such thing as a stock Harley Davidson. Owners of this brand of motorcycle seem almost obsessive about personalizing and customizing their motorcycle to suit their tastes and every year millions of dollars change hands for aftermarket motorcycle products.

Different Factors That Impair Your Ability to Ride a Motorcycle Safely

Vision changes is one of the signs that your ability to ride a motorcycle safely is probably impaired. Read the entire article to know other physical and psychological conditions that serve as warnings that you should heed.

Staying Warm With Good Clothing on a Motorbike

As a regular outdoor activity, there is nothing better than riding down a winding track with just yourself and your motorbike. It is a time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and also a time to enjoy the great outdoors.

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