Kaabo Wolf King Deep Dive | Make Way for This 60 MPH King on ESG Liveshow #75

Tonight, we dive deep and discuss the new beast, the Kaabo Wolf King (https://geni.us/hUQpyr?track=yt) Tune in to see Chuck, Paul and Ramier share the ESG tested stats with Melvin Lian from Voro Motors, and their opinions on the Wolf King.

Kaabo Wolf King First Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsmvWhmxNW0
Kaabo Wolf King Written Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/kaabo-wolf-king-review/
Kaabo Wolf King Purchase link: https://geni.us/hUQpyr?track=yt

Scootopia by OhManDan: https://bit.ly/3suOezv

Pre-Show: 00:00
Intro: 00:23
ESG Photo Friday: 3:30
Community Content: 8:29
ESG Updates: 21:24
Deal of the Week: 25:59
Deep Dive: 27:36
Micromobility News: 1:35:29
Facebook Giveaway: 1:45:44

Source: Voro Motors
Deal: Kaabo Wolf King (https://geni.us/hUQpyr?track=yt)
**Current price $2999, reserve now for $100 while supplies last
**Comes with road tires
***Can select off-road tires during checkout for $35

*What’s the Best Scooter for a First Time Buyer?: https://electric-scooter.guide/blog/whats-the-best-scooter-for-a-first-time-buyer/
*VIDEO: Scoot America: One Man’s Mission to Promote PEV: https://electric-scooter.guide/blog/video-scoot-america-cross-country-trip-to-promote-pev/


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**Lime developing adaptive vehicles to make shared services more accessible for all: https://www.fastcompany.com/90605847/these-7-new-accessible-vehicles-let-people-with-disabilities-access-micromobility
**NYC is FINALLY getting its first scooter sharing pilot program: https://nypost.com/2021/02/18/nycs-first-e-scooter-share-coming-to-the-bronx-in-the-spring/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=pasteboard_app
**Honda is developing a motorcycle-mounted drone: https://www.cycleworld.com/story/motorcycle-news/honda-drone-bike/
**Two more automakers pledge to sell only EVs in coming years:
**Officers pull a rider off his scooter in traffic in UK: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLfPNR5FGHI/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

SPONSOR: Voro Motors
GIVEAWAY: EMOVE storage case, cable lock, and smartphone holder
SHIPPING: Worldwide

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Motorcycle Beginning Safety: Lights and Oil

Motorcycles are one of the most exciting vehicles to ride on the road. At the same time it can be a dangerous if the safety isn’t priority. Your lights have a crucial effect of your safety on the road and your oil keeps you rolling on the road. This article explains the explanation of lights and oil. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation created an acronym for safety named T-CLOCS which covers the basic safety checklist. This checklist is for your Motorcycle before you get on the road. If you are new to Motorcycles and don’t know what to check on your bike then keep reading!

Motorcycle Beginning Safety: Tires and Controls

Riding motorcycles can be a dangerous if the safety precautions aren’t taken seriously. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has come up with a great acronym named T-CLOCS which covers the basic safety check before you get on the road. If you are new to Motorcycles and don’t know what to check on your bike then keep reading!

Motocross During the ’90s

The twentieth century witnessed colossal economic as well as political transformations in the history of humankind. The emergence and upsurge of information technology marks another feather in the cap of this era. Furthermore, technological enhancements extended to nearly every aspect of human life, and motorsports is just one of them.

Motocross During the ’50s

The exciting and thrilling sport of motocross originated in the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century and has gone on to gain popularity all across the world thereafter. In the early days, however, the sport was better known as ‘scrambles’.

Motocross During the ’70s

Having originated as a sport among motorcycling enthusiasts in the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century, motocross grew to become a raging phenomenon in other countries in Europe as the decades progressed. It was the 1970s that marked the rising popularity of the sport at a global level. The sport that started out as a fun racing event called ‘Scrambles’ had steadily gained international stature.

History of European Motocross

Motocross developed as a kind of motorcycle or all-terrain racing sport that took place on off-road tracks including muddy, hilly, slushy or rocky routes. It was in the early part of the twentieth century that the sport had its origin in Great Britain.

The Stars of Motocross

Considered one of the most exciting and thrilling motorcycling sports of all times, motocross has many ardent enthusiasts as participants as well as fans all around the world. The sport has grown in popularity in an enormous manner over the decades. What started as a simple off-road biking game in Great Britain has now become one of most-watched and loved sports not only in Europe, but in other countries as well.

The Best Ways to Buy Cheap Motorcycle Parts

Buying motorcycle parts at cheap rates is a viable option for many motorcycle enthusiasts. There are some of the ways that really help them get these parts at great prices.

Heated Motorcycle Clothing – Why Suffer?

There’s no doubt that some of the best, most scenic and legendary summer motorcycle rides are through the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. Heck, even car travel is wonderful on these routes.

Sportbikers and Cruisers Can Be Friends

In the world of motorcycles, there seems to be a divide between those that ride sportsbikes versus cruisers. In the eyes of lawmakers, all motorcycles are the same, so it’s important for riders to stick together in order to fight for motorcycle rights such as helmet laws.

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