Kaabo USA Mantis 10 Introduction | Sport Performance E-Scooter

Whether you are taking to the streets or to some off-road trails, the Mantis 10 will give you that boost of performance that you need. With a top speed of 37mph, you can be sure that you will feel the thrills of riding in full control at high speeds.

The Mantis 10 is one of the leaders in dual motor e-scooter performance. The high-performance motors will not only get you around town, but it will take you there quickly. The Mantis 10 is designed to mimic the luxury performance of a premium sports car.

Find out more about the Mantis 10 here: https://www.kaabousa.com/products/mantis-10

What is the Aprilia RS 125 Max Speed?

If you are interested in knowing the Aprilia RS 125 max speed then this is the article for you! Once you’ve de-restricted the bike, there are a few tricks you can try to get a little more from the bike but they do come a t a cost.

Aprilia RS 125 Big Bore Kits – Worth the Hassle?

Once you’ve had your bike fully de-restricted, an Aprilia rs 125 big bore kit is usually the next thing people want to install. You can only get so much power from an engine…

Why Should You Buy From HJC Motorcycle Helmets?

See why you should buy from one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers. There’s a helmet model to suit you in HJC helmet’s huge range.

Why Motorcyclists Should Wear Motorcycle Helmets

It seems like an obvious statement. “Motorcycle helmets save lives.” Still, there are many who fail to internalize how serious this situation is and go without.

Pocket Bikes – Too Hard to Resist

The term ‘pocket’ in the phrase ‘pocket bike’ is very misleading. As a layperson, the first time you come across this phrase, you will definitely think of a pocket-size toy bike. Well, words can be misleading and you need to read on to find out more about this power-packed two wheeler.

Leather Motorcycle Vests – A Great Addition to Your Motorcycle Wardrobe

You may be asking yourself what purpose a leather motorcycle vest would serve you, or why would you ever want to buy one for yourself. These are common questions that many have when shopping for different types of leathers for there motorcycle outfit. The truth is, leather motorcycle vests are very beneficial and can make a great addition to any biker outfit.

Chassis – The Whole Concept Beyond Motorcycle Manufacturing

In a literal way, chassis refers to the frame and wheels that support the engine and body of a motor vehicle, but usually, we include the suspension and brakes also in it. All these components of chassis are described below:

Pocket Bikes – Small in Size, Large in Entertainment

Pocket bikes may be small in size, but the entertainment that they offer is by no standards small. When you ask an owner why he or she bought a mini bike, the spontaneous answer is, just for fun. Yes, most owners want to experience the thrill and entertainment factor of riding these bikes.

Leather Chaps – Biker’s Essential Accessory

Safety gears are necessary whenever you are on the road especially if it involves motorcycles. When you think of protection from various outdoor elements, it does not stop with just wearing helmets. Think of the advantages of wearing leather chaps as well. This has often been overlooked but it is very essential in protecting the body during the whole ride.

Biker’s Priority – Ride Better With Motorcycle Boots

To wear a pair of motorcycle boots while riding the motorcycle is important to any biker. It does not only complete the whole biker look but it ensures the safety of the feet during the ride and gives comfort to it whether it is for a short or long journey.

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