Kaabo Mantis VS Varla Eagle One (Zero 10x, Apollo Pro, Turbowheel Lightning)

Which of these two super scooters should you buy? I tell you my personal preference and why I prefer one of these two scooters over the other.
The Varla Eagle One is one of the many rebrands of the Unicool T10-DDM. Other popular rebrands include the Zero 10x, Apollo Pro, and Turbowheel Lightning. My opinions of the Eagle One can be transferred, for the most part, to apply to these other scooters as well.

Buy the Varla Eagle One here (Affiliate Link): https://varlascooter.com/products/varla-electric-scooter?sca_ref=667907.cm1WrQJxJU
$60 off with code: “RK9”

RK9 Rides Website: https://www.rk9rides.com/

Watch the full side-by-side ride of these two scooters here: https://youtu.be/gDfQolDUXUg

Gear I Use (Affiliate Links):
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100% Strata 2 Goggles: https://amzn.to/3aNJaQq
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Kryptonite Chain Lock: https://amzn.to/2ZLYAOU
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Turn Signals: https://amzn.to/2H8NcXi
Headlight: https://amzn.to/3hIoQ39

Follow These Tips To Double The Efficiency of Your Motorcycle

Efficiency of a motorcycle means its competence and its ability to perform well with changes in the surrounding. Motorcyclists these days are savvy and are aware about the environment which leads to the want for bike customization.

Tips and Strategies for Safety on Motorcycles

Motorcycles can provide you with a fuel-efficient ride, but there are other considerations. Ensure that you drive safely when you choose two wheels instead of four.

Storing Your Bike to Avoid Costly Motorcycle Service

Don’t get caught paying for motorcycle service just because you didn’t put your bike away properly. With a few tips to keep your motorcycle in top shape during off-season storage, you’ll enjoy a better ride year-round, and a little extra peace of mind while you’re waiting to get back on the road.

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Buying a new motorcycle seems safer and more secure, but for many people, they’re just not affordable. Looking at used motorcycles instead can save a lot of money without necessarily compromising safety.

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Pulsar Launches RS200 and Pulsar AS!

If you are a bike lover, there is no doubt that you have been hearing about Bajaj’s Pulsar’s new roll outs this year. Sportsbike enthusiasts around the country have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the Pulsar RS200 ever since first images of the sportster released. That’s not the only bike that has been released from the Bajaj garage, the Pulsar AS 200 was much anticipated for too.

Motorcycles Come In Different Styles

The decision is made and you know it is the right one; you are going to be the cool owner of a brand new motorcycle. However, with the numerous options available with regards to style and type, how do you choose one that is perfect?

How To Go About Purchasing Your First Motorbike

Motorcycles, being a rage are being manufactured in different styles. The variety makes it very difficult to identify one that matches with your requirements. It could get very challenging choosing a motorcycle unless you follow tips that are tried and tested.

Basic Knowledge About Motorcycles

The motorcycle is one of the vehicles we use in our life. We can say a motorcycle is the combination of a motor with a cycle. As we know a motorcycle can be two wheels or three wheels. The idea came to the mind of Edward Butler from England while experimenting with his son’s cycle. His son’s cycle was tricycle; he added a motor to that tricycle and did the experiment. The experiment paid off and was a success.

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