Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, Full Riding Review!

My full review of the fun to ride Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, you can see my detailed look at the specs here: https://youtu.be/4Qtyz8WlKmg

Available from VoroMotors @ https://www.voromotors.com/?ref=electronsurfer (discount of $50 or 7%, varies and I receive a small commission if you use the link)

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Folding Clamp
1:09 Handlebar Layout
1:50 Display
2:26 Go Through Speed modes
04:00 Street Riding
6:15 Acceleration
7:35 Feet on Deck
8:10 Braking
8:48 Top Speed Talk
10:30 Tire Discussion
11:07 Rough Bike Lane Riding
12:24 Light Trail Ride
15:50 Ride Control Discussion
16:55 Riding @~20% battery
17:26 Voltage vs. Power Discussion
19:35 Brakes on Trail
20:06 Riding at Low Power
21:20 Range Summary
22:12 Conclusion

Scooter reviewed with the stock display settings. You can change some of the performance paramenters (starting torque, throttle sensitivity, etc.) with these settings.

Specification Measured/Verified by Electron Surfer
Reviewer Height/Weight: 5’10″(178cm), 175 lbs (79kg)
Make: Kaabo
Model: Mantis Pro SE
MSRP: $2,299
Warranty: 12-month
Motor: 1,000 watt, dual
Controller Output: 27 amp
Display: Ey3
Battery: 60v/18.2ah = 1092 watt hours,LG cells
Charger/Recharge Time (advertised/observed): 1.75 amp (9-12 hrs, ~12 hrs)
Tires: 12x 2.5 inch tubed
Suspension: Single spring front and rear
Brakes: Zoom hydraulic with 140mm rotor
Water Resistance: Not listed
Weight limit: 330 lbs (149.7 kg)
Scooter Weight (advertised/measured): 65 lbs /63.2 lbs (28.7 kg)
Unfolded Length (LxWxH): 49x24x50 in (1245x610x1270 mm)
Folded Length: 50 in (1270 mm)
Deck Height: 8.5 in (216 mm)
Deck Clearance: 6 in (152 mm)
Deck (length x width): 20 X 8.25 in (508 X 210mm)
Handlebars from deck: 40 in (1016 mm)
Handlebar Rotation: 90°+
Handlebar Width: 24 in (610 mm)

Performance Summary
Advertised Range: 40 mi (64 km)
Observed Range: 34.2 mi (55 km)
Advertised Top Speed: not advertised
Observed Top Speed: 30 + mi (48 + km)
Advertised Hill Climb: 30%
Tested Hill Climb: 8°/14%

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