Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter Review of Features.

I am trying out a new format with a video to reference the specs and features with a second video that is mostly riding, please let me know what you think.

Available from VoroMotors @ https://www.voromotors.com/?ref=electronsurfer (use of this code saves you $ and I get a small commission)

Music: thank you Kevin! (http://www.instagram.com/seeimhollywood)

How to Care For Chrome Accessories

There are many erroneous ideas about chrome-plated accessories and how to care for and clean them by many chemical supplier’s slick brand advertising campaigns. Our years of experience in discussing corrosion problems with our customers (from Mr. Average Rider to the guys who love to show) led us to the following conclusions. Whether or not you agree with the following information is up to you but we hope you can benefit from it.

Go For Used Motorcycle Trailers For Your Short Term Needs

There are so many models of motorcycle trailers which could be used for so many purposes that are available in the market. For some reasons many of us might be in need of the trailers for some period of time. For this short term requirement it is not a good idea to buy a new motorcycle trailer. You could very well rent it if you need it for one or two items or otherwise buy a used motorcycle trailers if you need it for some months.

Mini Motos – Up and Coming

Throughout this article I will discuss mini moto’s and why I think they are up and coming in our society. I will give a few tips on why every family should have one, and what they can be used for.

What Are 50cc Motorbikes?

What is a 50cc motorbike? Well they are simply what they may seem like they are. Bikes, with motors.

YZ125 Vs YZ250F – The Million Dollar Match-Up

I have ridden Yamaha’s YZ250F’s and YZ125’s, and can say that they are two different kind of animals. Both motocross bikes have plenty of power and will require some balls to ride, but are about as reliable as you can get as far as motocross bikes go. Each bike has its ups and downs, but the question is…

Cycra Bark Buster HandGuards – Review

Are you sick of replacing your broken or bent levers? I know I am, and there is a cure for that. It’s easy to break a clutch or brake lever if you do a lot of woods riding, or just happen to tip over often.

MSR Fork Support – Review

Let’s say you just payed big money to get your suspension totally redone and re-valved. Would you want the forks and seals to wear out after a month of riding? Absolutely not! That’s why MSR made their very own Fork Support. It is designed to increase the life of your dirt bikes forks by taking most of the load off of them when you tie the bike down to a trailer or truck bed. I bought it with one of the bikes I got a couple years ago, so I thought I might as well try it out to see if it is worth it…

Hog Attention With Harley Davidson Stickers

So you have a Harley. Being in possession of one of the best bikes in the world, you now must be wondering how to make your style statement complete. It is simple – add jazz to your ride with a Harley Davidson sticker.

Go Easy With a Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

Driving a motorcycle is a passion for many of us. But in order to enjoy the unique feeling that riding a motorcycle provides, it’s important to keep your motorcycle in good condition.

Add a Trendy Twist to Your Gear With Latest Apparels

Motocross biking is probably one of the most dangerous and exciting of adventure sports. It gives a rush to adrenaline in the manner in which few other sports can enunciate.

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