Kaabo Mantis Pro at 65kmph

Test ride of this amazing machine: dual suspension, hydraulic brakes- needs to be ridden to understand what it is about!

Background Information About Puch Moped

The very original Puch moped released in 1950s, which was popularly called the baby Puch. Its real name was the Steyr-Daimler-Puch MS 50. An Austrian man called Johann Puch started the Puch Company in 1903.

Harley Exhaust – Upgrade For a Powerful Ride

If you want to enhance the performance level of your bike, one of the vital parts to upgrade is the Harley exhaust. This upgrade will change the entire performance grid and looks of your bike while making your ride more enjoyable. If you are considering a replacement part, you must make sure that you get a perfect fit for your bike.

50cc Mopeds – Up and Coming

Throughout this article I will be discussing why I think mopeds are the up and coming this with the economy the way it is. With gas prices all over the place, mopeds should be your next thought of transportation.

Motorcycle Air Filter – Your Engine’s Best Friend

The objective of a motorcycle air filter is to protect the engine from grime and enhance airflow. It also enables better acceleration and raises the horsepower of the motorcycle. Most of the motorcycles are fitted with an air filter irrespective of the model or make.

History of Honda Motorcycle Success

The year 2010 has started off as a financial success for the Honda Motor Company who has seen profits with a net income of just over 72 billion Yen in Q1 of January-March. Honda were hit by the recession hard back in 2009 when in the same period, they saw a loss of nearly 179 billion Yen but are celebrating the improved situation this year.

Injuries From Scooters and Motorbikes

Many people choose to ride scooters and motorbikes around larger cities with limited parking and other traffic hassles. In addition to the convenience they provide for parking and moving quickly across short distances, scooters are also convenient because of their low cost and high gas mileage. Sadly, anyone riding a motorbike is at an increased risk for serious injury from accidents caused by other articles.

Moped Exhausts – Electric Vs Gas

In the technology world the longest debate is between electric and gas moped exhausts. Both of them have their own pros and cons. One may therefore wonder which between an electric moped exhaust or a gas moped exhaust to pick.

The Motorcycle Scarf – How to Use!

It’s a common perception that motorcycle scarves are limited to cold winter months. Not so, in fact… anytime you ride your bike you can use a silk motorcycle neck scarf.

Motorcycles and Youth

A 20 year old man was dead at the scene of the motorcycle accident. High speed is the probable cause of the accident.

Wear Your Helmet! Why You Should Wear Your Motorcycle Helmet When Buying a Vespa

It is important to wear a crash helmet on a Vespa because it has a low road grip as it tends to go forward and you could turn over while turning on any bend you got to be careful as it has a low turning circle. This could also make you to meet with an accident and you could hurt your head, hence wear a crash helmet.

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