Kaabo Mantis Lite Plus – Electric Scooter Review

The low-priced Kaabo Mantis Lite electric scooter is a lightweight two-wheeler with high-spec’s and a comparatively affordable price tag. The company is known for its high-profile electric scooters, but they wanted to make something that would appeal to a broader audience while still maintaining quality. The Mantis has an 800W brushless motor that powers its front and rear wheels, and its suspension system is advanced. The braking system is fully adjustable, and it has front & rear disc brakes with electronic ABS. It also comes with cruise control and full control, making it easy for the rider to brake quickly.

The Mantis Lite Plus is equipped with dual 1000 watt BLDC motors, a sleek throttle and display, and e-ABS braking. The lateral LED strip is a nice addition, and the scooter’s front and rear LED lights provide a bright, lighted appearance in low-light conditions. The rider can easily navigate the city on the Mantis, and can enjoy its range up to 45 miles on a single charge.

The dual mechanical disc brakes on the Mantis make it a safe ride, and the suspension is superb. Even at high speeds, the scooter can lean into corners with ease. The sturdy materials and large LED panel help illuminate the bike during the night. The Kaabo Mantis Lite Plus is ideal for urban and off-road riding. If you want to learn more about the electric scooters, read our detailed Kaabo Lite Plus – The Best Electric Scooter

The Kaabo Mantis Lite Plus has impressive acceleration and top speeds of 30 mph. Its battery life is 35 miles. The electric motors are strong enough to spin both wheels while at full throttle. Its throttle response is a bit laggy, and takes a fraction of a second. However, this is not an issue when compared to other high-end scooters.

The Kaabo Lite Plus features a larger battery and a high-quality battery. The Mantis Lite combines a large electric scooter with a grippy deck. Its rear disc brake has a high-tech suspension, and a 34-mile range. It charges in about six hours. If you use the scooter a lot, it will last for a whole day.

Another major advantage of the Kaabo Lite electric scooter is its build quality. It features a lightweight frame and a 48V 13Ah battery pack. The battery pack is also a great option if you’re looking for a reliable scooter. It can be used for errands or a fun ride. The battery is easy to charge and the charger is included.

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