KAABO MANTIS LITE PLUS 48v 800w 18.2ah Electric Scooter : Quick Update

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Hi..On Friday 25th September 2020 i received a Kaabo Mantis Lite Plus 800w Escooter from www.funbikes.co.uk BUT i havent rode it much as i fell off & hurt my leg on my 2nd ride haha..Ive been riding again but havent filmed as i want to build my confidence & i wear shin pads now !!! Just a quick vid of updates i been doing on it late at night..There will be ride videos coming very soon so if your new to my channel please consider subscribing & hitting the bell for notifications..If your already subbed then a MASSIVE thanks for watching this video…..
Cheers Paul & Keep on Scootin’
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Cruise Around the City With the Right Motorcycle Boots

Bikers love the sense of freedom when they cruise around any open road in the city with their motorcycles. This is the reason why they favor it over automobiles.

Essential Motorcycle Gear For Your Motorcycle Trip

When you get ready to take a ride on your motorcycle, there are a few things you should probably keep on your list with regard to what type of gear you are going to bring. These items are not required, but can greatly increase the likelihood that you will enjoy the ride more.

Factors to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Gear

You cannot be a biker without your bike. That’s true. But it is also imperative to say that you should not be a biker if you are not equipped with the proper motorcycle gear. This is because protective biker’s gear and apparel such as helmets, leather jacket, leather pants, knee sliders, goggles, gloves, and leather boots are essential in keeping you safe and sound during your biking adventures.

Motorcycle Saddlebag – A Biker’s Must-Have

Creating a storage space for your motorcycle is necessary. Instead of carrying your stuff around your back, which can hamper your flexibility in maneuvering the motorcycle, having your things properly encased in a motorcycle saddlebag is the perfect solution. It is necessary that safety be the rider’s top priority.

The Motorcycle Frame Jig – Short and Sweet Version

To the uninformed, a motorcycle frame jig sounds suspiciously like a cultural dance of the vehicular penchant. Upon closer inspection and further research, it is a form of motorcycle chassis to hold its many parts in place for fitting and welding.

Where to Buy Mobylette Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Mobylette mopeds enjoyed a great deal of popularity 6 decades ago. In this modern era where modern technologies have provided people means to create more efficient and environment-friendly types of transportation, the mobylettes are silently placed on the background. However, this does not mean that they have been completely wiped out. There are still people who own this type of vehicle and a good number of individuals still want to get hold of this scooter.

The Practical Application and Purchase of Mobylettes

If you live in an area where you must frequently commute short distances from work to home and anywhere else, no doubt you will want a means of transportation to fit both: your budget and practical utility. Cars may cost too much and parking is often difficult to find during rush hours, bicycles are often very physically straining, and public transportation can be just as costly as owning a car.

The Old and New Generations of the Mobylette

Motorized scooters have grown to be very popular in the days where a gallon of gas can cost up to $5. Mopeds and scooters have come a long way since the introduction of the original moped in 1949. The release of this initial model was named the mobylette and manufactured in France by Motobecane. With over 14 million scooters being released through a period of thirty years, the trademark name has been used as a generic form to describe the modernized scooter and moped.

Top Aprilia RS 125 Accessories – What to Choose For Your Bike and Why!

There is no end to Aprilia RS 125 accessories but its important to remember that this bike was designed as a highly focused 2 stroke race replica. Keep it light and focus on improving performance rather than tarting it up too much.

Feel Like a Real Racer With a V8 Race Experience

We’ve watched V8 racing for several years now. The sound of a V8 supercar’s throbbing power sends thrills to every V8 Supercars fans. In Australia, these powerful cars are deeply loved and adored.

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