Kaabo Mantis Duo Promo

The Kaabo Mantis duo dual motor one of the newest electric scooter by Kaabo positioned between the Kaabo Mantis Solo and the Mantis Elite, the focus here is adopting some of the features of the Mantis Elite in terms of performance whilst still keeping the price competitive.

The Kaabo Electric Scooter is becoming one of the most popular brands Australia wide with its well know Wolf Warrior built for ultimate off-roading, the kaabo skywalker range at entry level and the Mantis range designed more for street performance riding.

With it’s dual 1000W motors the Mantis 10 Duo opens the door to high power and performance, killing the acceleration test. The dual 1000-watt electric motors and 25 amp controller pulls no punches and gets to the legal limit of 25kmh in just 2.5 seconds, for speeds on private property of 50kmh just on 8 seconds. Max speed sits around 65kmh give or take a couple k’s, we doubt anyone will be running at top speed most of the time. The dual motors are pretty torquey and have no problem spinning the 10″ pneumatic tires.

The throttle response has a slight delay. More noticeable going from zero to full throttle, the delay is only a fraction of a second, but noticeable for those seasoned riders.

The Kaabo Mantis duo is a great choice when comparing it to other models such as a budget Dualtron Spider — similar feel and performance — but at a much lower price. If money is no object you can get the Mantis PRO version, which has upgrades like the MiniMotors controller, EY3 display, and LG-branded batteries.

The Kaabo Mantis Duo has a battery on the smaller side with a capacity of 60V 17ah but still cuts the mustard with a real world range just shy of 50km utilising max power and max speed test. The max range you can expect would be 70km, definitely not at max load. What would be a nice addition is a battery level volt meter and key ignition. Like the Nanrobot D6+

Suspension & Brakes
Equipped with Kaabo’s industry leading dual suspension the Mantis Duo provides awesome comfort when riding across most terrain. The dual spring suspension give the Mantis one of the more comfortable rides we’ve tested. The scooter feels very stable, agile. Not only is it highly functional, but it is dead quiet. Overall, this ranks among the top suspension systems out in the market.

The Mantis is fantastic on handling turns. As you lean into a curve, the contact patch between the tire and road remains constant thanks to the rounded profile of the 10″ x 2.5″ pneumatic tires. This makes the Mantis feel very nimble to whip around much better than a wide wheel electric scooter.

With a scooter like the Kaabo Mantis Duo its imperative that brakes are correctly matched to performance. The Kaabo Mantis does just that by offering front and rear disc brakes both semi hydraulic . Brake control is smooth, with the hydraulic callipers making the most of the disc brakes, also backed up with adjustable electronic braking. From 25kmh coming to a complete stop requires just under 3.5m.
Kaabo mantis Duo Brakes

The Mantis does weigh in at 30kgs, and like most performance scooters the handlebars don’t fold in keeping the overall width of the electric scooter at 61cm, a down side in portability. Folded the Kaabo Mantis is has the following dimensions 122cm in length x 61cm wide and 48 Height. The Duo does have a quality folding mechanism and a locking stem. The stem folding mechanism is easy to use, and rock-solid once locked into place
Kaabo Mantis Duo Portability

The Duo has a fairly standard arrangement much like nearly all models these days utilising a similar trigger finger throttle, with buttons to control power modes (single or dual) and power (eco or the faster turbo mode).

The trigger-style throttle, which has become commonplace on performance scooters, can be uncomfortable for prolonged use. The display is easy to read in full sunlight a huge plus!. Like most of these types of LCD’s the menu is accessed through P-settings, some vary which settings change what but easily found on the internet, this allows you to setup personal configurations.

Handlebar grips leave something to be desired, we would expect better quality for the price, foam grips will eventually will tear and break on the ends, they are also harder to clean compared to solid rubber.

The Mantis has side LED deck lights, head tail and brake lights, the front lights are button lights, and rear have red button brake lights. None of the lights are particularly bright, nor are they mounted in a high position. We would suggest for riding at night mounting additional front LED head lights for better visibility

The Kaabo Mantis Duo has a good size deck approx. 50cm in length 21cm in width and 140mm of ground clearance. Comparatively the Nanrobot D6+ has 180mm ground clearance.

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