Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro – REVIEW

Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro specs from manufacturer:

Dual motor – 2 x 800w brushless
48V – 24,5Ah Samsung battery
Speed – 50 km/h
Range – approx 80km (single motor)
Climbing angle – 30º
Max load – 120 kgs
Weight – 26,8 kgs

Meison Boards – https://meisonboards.com/en/

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

When factoring in motorcycle insurance discounts, remember a discount isn’t a discount unless it’s saving you money. The most common motorcycle insurance discounts are listed below.

Tips on How to Get Cheap Electric Scooters

Due to the increase of the cost of oil it is nothing new that people are going for car alternatives. Some go for hydraulic cars and some go for those rechargeable cars. But the most famous alternative to cars is scooters, to be specific electric scooters.

Norton Motorcycles – Old and New

Nice to see Norton Motorcycles back in the news and building bikes again, albeit a new company the early signs are good with great reviews from the motorcycle press. It seems everyone who has ridden the new 961SE has been impressed with just about every aspect of it.

Factors to Consider in Motorcycle Accidents

The cultural perception of motorcyclists – crafted by exposure to representations of these individuals in television and film – is largely negative. They are viewed by many people as social misfits who are reckless thrill-seekers. Or, worse yet, they are assumed to be afoul of the law.

Why Now is the Time to Buy Your Motorcycle and Cover

The weather is getting better everyday and most of the really cold weather is behind us. So now is a great time to buy a new or used motorcycle and get out go for an excursion in the mountains. The scenery is fantastic and the ride is nothing but fun.

Assessing Motorcycle Headsets

Even as it is doubtless that one of the numerous benefits of riding a motorcycle is being out in the middle of a highway on your own, there are instances in which you might feel like listening to some music, talking to the other riders or even your accompanying traveler. A high quality motorcycle headset offers users those features and more, including top grade, clear and crisp audio without static interference.

Review on the Akuma Assassin

I have been riding road bikes for 8 years, and this is my first offroad bike. A few guys around my area had various different pit bikes ranging in price and engine size. I was looking for something of good quality at a low price and was recommend the Akuma Assassin. What can I say about the Akuma Assassin 125cc, but it is also available with a 110cc engine.

Best Motorcycle Helmets

A good helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment for any motorcycle rider – fact! Sure, you need a nice pair of boots, some smart leathers, and flashy gloves – and these are all vital to keep you in one piece should the worst happen. But, to put it simply, your head is your brain is you.

Steering Musts

Looking for rugged ridge steering information? How about starting with a simple tutorial on steering with rugged ridge steering taking top billing? You’ve come to the right place. Rugged ridge steering is characterized by the following:

Chrome Motorcycle Wheels Are the Fastest Way to Customize

Chrome motorcycle wheels are an excellent platform from which to launch the customization of your bike. There are thousands to choose from, and its easy enough to do on your own without hiring professionals.

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