Is it Easy to Ride the Kaabo Mantis 8 Everyday? | Kaabo USA Rider Review

Another one of our great community members based in California shares his story of riding around Hollywood on his Kaabo Mantis 8 every day.

The compact performance of the Kaabo USA Mantis 8 provides an easy to store daily commuting option. If you are looking for more information about the Mantis 8 or other Kaabo USA models, check out our website!

Why Wear Motorcycle Helmets

We all know that driving in two wheels is dangerous, and it is even more dangerous when you are driving in two wheels on a rush hour in busy streets. Any car can easily take you down with just a slight bump, we all know what happens next when you get knocked out by a speeding vehicle in a busy street.

Which Motorcycle Makes the Best Touring Bike?

When you think of big motorcycles, don’t you think of the big Harley Davidson tourers? Or, does a big Honda Gold Wing with all of the doo-dads, lights and a trailer on the back come to mind? If either of these big bikes comes to mind, then you’re not alone. But, are these two big touring bikes the last word on touring motorcycles?

Motorcycle Camping Trailers For Summer Fun

Have you ever really considered a motorcycle camping trailer if you like to ride your bike and camp? A setup like this could give you the best of both worlds, as you can ride your motorcycle into the mountains or to the lake, and bring your camper with you and stay a few days!

The Emerging Trend of Custom Motorcycle Wheels

The streets are now starting to be congested with a lot of cars, trucks and vans. This is the reason why the motorcycles are gaining popularity recently to ease up traffic jams.

Cross Country Motorcycle Road Trips Tips

Have you ever had the urge to pack it all up, jump on your motorcycle and head out on a cross country motorcycle road trip? If you have, then believe me, you’re not alone.

Electric Scooters – Charming Riders!

With continuous innovations and vehicle development in two wheeler market, one can get more than just motorbikes. The charming electric scooters have their place and glory with the buyer segment.

Adjustable Handlebars For Certain BMW Motorcycles

How to make some models of BMW motorcycles a perfect fit for you. Adjustable handlebars could be the answer.

Motorcycle Rack

Motorcycle racks are a convenient way to transport a motorcycle. This is a great alternative to using or renting a trailer.

Riding Gears and Their Relevant Significance

To safeguard the face, it is suggested that riders choose full face helmets. These helmets are highly effectual in protecting the rider’s head and face from abrasions. Besides the rider, the passenger must also wear a helmet.

Motorcycle Safety Classes

I was reading a motorcycle forum article, a woman had taken a motorcycle safety class and how one of the instructor’s wasn’t being professional. According to the article, this instructor was allowing mistakes not count against a person’s score. That truly upsets me.

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