Is it any Good? Speedway Leger Electric Scooter Review – Big Guy Review

Speedway Leger Electric Scooter Review – Big Guy Review 2021

I took the Speedway Leger out for a review ride around Victoria. I must say that for a single motor scooter, the Leger ticks a lot of the boxes. It’s light, it’s quick and it has decent range.

48V 16Ah Panasonic
500W motor
20 kg / 45 lbs
Max 45 km/h
30 – 50 km
8.5″ tires
Front spring. Rear hydraulic suspen.
Rear drum. Re-gen braking with ABS
Front / Rear and ambient lights
Minimotors EY3 Display

The Importance of Helmets

Your head houses your brain, the center of all activity. Without a safe helmet to encase it, your motorcycle ride might as well be an Evel Knievel stunt gone horribly wrong.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms – Exploring Their Limitations

Bluetooth motorcycle intercom technology and features have improved by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years. When trying to use multiple devices such as a phone, GPS and radar detector with your Bluetooth helmet, gaping limitations still exist. Here is why these limitations have not been overcome and how you can work around them using the Sena SR10 Bluetooth router.

HeliBars – 3 Reasons To Choose These Motorcycle Handle Bar Risers

Ever see or ride a motorcycle you just loved the look of but the riding position wasn’t comfortable enough to ride more than 30 minutes without fatigue? Has your riding style changed as you got older and you still want the sport bike but would rather sit up a little bit more? No matter what type of bike you ride, it is important to have an ergonomic riding position and HeliBars handle bar risers can make your motorcycle fit YOU better.

Laws for Motorcycle Riders Only

This article will discuss some of the most basic laws that motorcycle riders are expected to follow when they are out on the roadways. Not all of the laws can be covered, so it is important that you check with your motorcycle insurance carrier or local DMV.

Why You Should Add a Motorcycle CB to Your Ride

Having a CB on your motorcycle is not just for those on a Goldwing or Ultra Classic. Anybody who enjoys group rides can have a CB on their motorcycle, even on a sport bike, touring bike or cruiser. Here is the basics of what to consider.

Discount Motorcycle Gear – What You Must Know Before You Buy Online

Having the proper motorcycle riding gear equates to safe and enjoyable riding. It is almost a given these days that buying online stretches your dollar further, but it has one drawback. What exactly is it the motorcyclist is buying? The modern motorcyclist is spoiled for choice with the range of rider protection technology available. This article outlines a simple process so that the motorcyclist can buy at a discount online and be reasonably confident as to what they are buying is indeed going to work for them before it arrives on their doorstep.

Scootering: An Introduction

Scootering is a fun and green form of transportation. Whether commuting in the crowded cities or riding through the rural countryside, scooters are an exciting and efficient alternative to cars or tucks. A brief overview of scooting will be discussed in this article.

Scooter Touring: A Long Distance Adventure

Touring the world is a fun way to travel. Touring the world by scooter is an even better way to check out sights that you normally would not see if you were on a large tour bus. Scootering is a fun and efficient form of transportation. This is especially true when you are in a foreign country.

Baja Harley Trip – A Guided Tour (1)

Motorcycle tour enthusiast have always sought new routes for their tours. In this article, we would look at a tour as put together by EagleRider. In This tour, the rides starts in Los Angeles and wind down back to Los Angeles where it ends. The tour takes a total of 16 days, including arrival and depature days. You would be covering a total of about 2452 miles on this tour. Let us now look at the first half of the tour covering eight days.

How To Use A Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom With a Shorty Helmet

Yes you can listen to music, talk to your passenger and use your phone or GPS on your motorcycle all while using a half helmet! Here are options that work well and some highlights of what factors should influence your choice.

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