Insane Acceleration, Ludicrous Speed! Dualtron Storm Impressions

The Dualtron Storm is the most fun, fastest, most insane scooter I have ever ridden! Enjoy these impressions of the scooter!

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Learn How to Pop a Pit Bike Wheelie in 36 Seconds – 5 Super Tips

One of the best skills you can learn when riding a pit bike is popping a wheelie. Its pretty much the most tried trick newbie riders want to learn when first buying a Pit bike.

Cover Your Rear – Motorcycle Seat Covers Protect Your Investment

Motorcycles are wonderful for many reasons. You can get great gas mileage, the ride is amazing, and so much of a motorcycle can be customized. Riding your bike can be so enjoyable in fact that you will more than likely wear your seat out quicker than you think.

A Motorcycle Gel Seat Can Save You

Anybody who’s become addicted to the ride that motorcycles give us knows that long trips can be a real pain in the rear. I don’t mean they are bad, I mean that literally. The seat needs to not only support you, hold you in place, and cushion you against the vibration of the motor, but it should also absorb the shock of you moving up and down as you pass over rough terrain.

Standard Honda Motorcycle Seats Are Great But There is Much More Available After-Market

Honda motorcycle seats are pretty comfortable right off the showroom floor, but there are just so many variables involved that make using the standard seat a bit less than extraordinary. Many companies manufacture seats for Honda bikes including Mustang and Corbin that take the ordinary seat and make it extraordinary. In much the same way you’d change out parts on a regular bicycle, a motorcycle can be highly customized.

Corbin Motorcycle Seats Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Ride

Riding your motorcycle can be one of the greatest pleasures you look forward to. Nothing beats the open air hitting your face, and the feeling of power beneath you. Riding a motorcycle is like taking the power of a car and compressing it to an almost form fitting posture around your body.

The Harley Davidson Tattoo May Be the Most Popular Tattoo Ever

Tattoos are more popular than ever before. It seems virtually everyone is sporting a tattoo. Men, obviously are the prime candidates for tattoos although women are not all that far behind.

How to Get a Harley-Davidson Shovelhead and Get On the Road Quick

Information on not only getting a Harley-Davidson Shovelhead but also getting the bike on the road quick. Just a few ideas that will help get a bike that doesn’t require a ton of work before enjoying it.

Motorcycle Tires – A Brief Intro

When we see a Harley Davidson cruising on the roads, one can’t help but admire the sleekness of the machine and the way it hugs and glides along. But what we at that time fail to realize is that the component that helps the bike to cruise along the road with such beauty is the motorcycle tire.

3 Tips For Safe Motorcycling

Whether you are a new rider or a veteran, there is always room for improvement of your safety skills. Even existing safety skills and knowledge will deteriorate over time. I’m going to point out a few safety skills that should should be consciously brought to the front of your mind each time you ride.

Why Do People Say That Chinese Pit Bikes Are Crap?

The real reason why people say Chinese pit bikes are crap is because they buy the cheapest possible model that is poor quality either off eBay or from their local importer then they label it saying all China dirt bikes are rubbish without first doing proper research on the models before purchasing. Not all Chinese bikes are created equal.

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