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Top Fuel-Efficient Bikes in India – Providing Economic Means of Travel

Biking is one of the most economical and cheaper means of road transport in India, especially on city roads. There are numerous options when it comes to commuter bikes in India. They are easy to handle and park.

Hero Xtreme Vs Bajaj Pulsar – Comparing Two 150 Cc Bikes

Hero MotoCorp had launched a refreshed 2014 model of its popular Xtreme. Introduced originally in the year 2008, Hero Xtreme is a successor of the Hero Honda CBZ. It is a 150 cc good looking, sporty and efficient motorcycle in this segment. The new Xtreme is better in looks. It is also a 150 cc bike that is reliable and is value for money.

Bajaj Pulsar Vs Yamaha FZ16

In the Indian two-wheeler market the demand for the low capacity bikes are more than the premium bikes. But the young customers prefer a stylish powerful bike for daily commuting. Such a bike giving good mileages can be used for long travels also. There are many bikes with 150 cc capacity available here. We will take the Bajaj Pulsar and the Yamaha FZ16 for a head to head comparison.

Bajaj Avenger – Cruise in Your Own Style

Bajaj Auto is one of the foremost and well-recognized names in the field of automobiles in India and elsewhere. Earlier known for their reliable scooters, the Bajaj group has now made a name for itself in the area of motorbike manufacturing as well. Consequently, Bajaj bikes are favored for their affordability, fuel-efficiency, good performance and low maintenance cost. Although a vast majority of the bikes from Bajaj belongs to the commuter segment, a few bikes have been launched in the other segments like cruiser as well. The most popular cruiser bike from Bajaj is the Bajaj Avenger.

Bajaj Avenger and Royal Enfield Thunderbird – Two Best Selling Bikes

Indian Bike lovers have always welcomed high performing powerful bikes with a lot of enthusiasm. Hence, tourer bikes like the Avenger and Royal Enfield Thunderbird have found many takers in India. Although the number of people undertaking grand tours on bikes could be very low in India, as compared to other western nations, the idea is gradually picking pace and many are venturing out on their bikes on long trips. The Avenger and Thunderbird are two of the best options before such adventure seeking bike lovers. Let us take a close look at both these models vis-a-vis each other.

What You Must Know Before Buying a Motorcycle

In recent times there has been a rise in the number of motorcycles available in the market. Different types of bikes feature different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, each type of motorcycle is designed for a particular purpose and performance. For instance, if you are the kind of person that likes travelling for long distances without being in a hurry, then a sport bike may not be the right choice for you. In such circumstances a travelling motorcycle may be the right choice. The factors to consider when buying a motorcycle include:

Know The Safety Measures When Riding Before Buying A Bike

Many people long for the joy and thrill derived from riding a motorcycle. Nevertheless, riding a bike should not be an attempt in cheating death. Bikes may be inherently more unsafe than cars, but there are many things a rider can do ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Common Road Obstacles That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Learn some simple motorcycle safety for navigating tough roads and unstable surfaces. A few cautionary reminders can better prepare any driver for those unforeseen obstacles in the road.

Honda CBR250R Vs KTM 200 Duke – Which Is Best?

Honda Motor Company is a Japanese multinational corporation producing automobiles, motorcycles and machinery. Honda bikes are generally passenger friendly guaranteeing safety, economy, durability, comfort and style. The KTM Sport motorcycle AG or simply KTM is a globally reputed motorcycle manufacturer based in Austria. KTM motorcycles are more known for their styling and off road capacity. Engine performance and fuel economy are also their highlighted features. Here is a review of their two entry level popular bikes seen nowadays – the CBR250R and the Duke 200 respectively.

Hero Hunk – The Manly Bike

Hero Hunk is a 150 cc motorcycle launched by Hero Honda in 2007. In 2011, Hero MotoCorp gave the Hunk a facelift, offering it with the option of a rear disc brake.

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