Inokim OXO Deep Dive: Is this Record Breaking Dual Motor Scooter Worth It? | ESG Live Show #70

Tonight, the dual motor Inokim OXO (, is up for a deep dive, tune in to watch Chuck and Paul discuss every aspect of the Inokim OXO.

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What You Should Know About The Smallest Half Helmet

Time and time again we hear about people taking about the smallest half helmet and we hear them asking where they can find one. The truth of the matter is that the smallest helmet isn’t always necessarily the best one.

Why Gearing Ratio Matters

Gearing selection affects the acceleration and top speed of your motorcycle. Altering the relationship of the front sprocket to the rear sprocket will determine wheel speed for a given RPM. For example, if your motorcycle has a 16-tooth front sprocket and a 45-tooth rear sprocket the gearing ratio is 45/16 or 2.81. Installing a larger front sprocket or a smaller rear sprocket lowers this ratio, referred to as taller gearing, and offers the rider more speed at a given RPM.

Ensuring Your Motorcycle’s Safety

The only thing worse than walking out to find your motorcycle has been ticketed for illegal parking is finding your motorcycle stolen. At first you will deny parking the bike there and assume the bike is safe if only on another block. When you fail to find the bike on another block your denial turns to anger as you curse the tow trucker driver who legally stole your motorcycle. Calling the tow truck company and bargaining to get your bike’s release leads to depression upon finding out that they never towed your bike. Halfway on your walk home you will accept your fate and vow to never let your bike get stolen again. Save yourself from walking the five steps of grief and keep your bike safe by keeping it secured.

Slippery When Wet

A wool sweater fits snug beneath your leather jacket and restricts each breath as the altitude and excitement of riding your favorite road alone combine to quicken your pulse. Your headlight sweeps through the rain, illuminating a road that snakes towards a mountain pass before disappearing behind a fog bank. The rain is falling steadily now but rain gear keeps you dry and your understanding of traction keeps you safe despite the road being slippery and wet.

Take a Drag

With a dozen millimeters of leather and an inch of plastic as your safety net, the sensation of a controlled fall at 100 mph is as exhilarating the 50th time as it is the first time around. The faster you ride the harder it is to convince a motorcycle to round a corner, thanks to the gyroscopic effects of spinning wheels wanting to continue heading straight, which explains why it is harder to turn a motorcycle at 50 mph then it is to round the same corner at 10 mph.

Motorcycle Tips: How To Ride Properly Within Your Lane

There are plenty of things that motorcycle riders have to think about when riding down the highway at high speeds. One particular technique of concern is whether or not you are occupying your lane properly. Here are some tips on riding safely and successfully in your lane.

Motorcycle Tips – How To Change The Oil In Your Motorcycle

There are a number of regular maintenance tasks that you have to perform on your motorcycle in order to keep it functioning properly. One particular task is changing the oil. Here are a few tips or pointers that will help you complete this task on your own.

Freeing Horsepower

There is a not so subtle irony in spending thousands on a 150+ horsepower motorcycle and thousands more to eek out more horsepower while not investing an hour to free up the horsepower you already have. It’s easy to overlook the knobs that adorn your motorcycle and alter the characteristics of your suspension but with a tape measure and a few friends you can have a motorcycle that inspires confidence in less time then it takes to change your oil.

Share the Road

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. You will hear it on the radio, see it on message signs reminding drivers to look twice for motorcycles and share the road. Statistics show in Colorado alone, motorcyclist accounted for 18% of traffic deaths in 2010, and motorcycles make up only 3% of the total registered vehicles.

Motorcycle Riding Skills – Doing a Track Day

If you’re wanting to improve your road riding, you may not have thought of doing a track day on your pride and joy, or you may find it downright daunting. There are many reasons why not to, the thought of dropping your baby, others riders may being much better, and just the thought of being on a race track can be intimidating. However, if you want to become a better rider, get to know your bike better, and experience the joy of riding your bike in a controlled and safe environment, then a track day is for you.

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