I DAILY DROVE this Hyper Scooter for a month! | Vsett 11+ | 500 mile REVIEW |The LEXUS of E-Scooters

UPDATE: Fixed the shock fitment issue mentioned by tightening the swing arm bolts a hair!

I consider Zero the “Toyota” of scooters; comfortable, reliable, and affordable. As the new luxury line, Vsett is officially the “Lexus” of E-Scooters. Sleek, sexy, and even more comfortable! Welcome to the future of electric scooters!

$50 off: “ESGlobal”

Thank you REVRIDES! Check out the link above to order any VSETT model! This scooter is an absolute pleasure to ride in every way! I can’t give it enough praise! I will update again at 1000 miles, but for now, I don’t foresee any issues! Even the tire change looks like it will be quick and simple!

If you just discovered the V11+, check my other videos such as Vsett Raw:


I just heard RevRides has most of the Vsett line in stock right now! Get one while you can with no waiting! You can also give them a call (Mon-Fri) and tell them ScootaGang sent you, give them the code and get $50 off! (360)-888-7433

I’m happy to help with any questions you have about the scooter to help in your buying decision! Just drop a comment and I promise to answer you! If you have any video suggestions please let me know, I’ll be riding this scooter all year!

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Thank you to everyone that engages in the comments! Your constant support and feedback is the only way for me to get better! I will respond to every comment until this channel gets so big that it’s impossible. Strike up a conversation with me about scooters anytime, day or night, and I’m here to debate it with you! Also stay tuned for a new Scooter Podcast coming soon! Happy scooting!

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