How to swap the motor and hall wires?

If the motor fails to work in dual-motor mode, the reason may be that the motor or the controller is faulty, which can be detected by swapping the motor and hall wires.
If you also encounter this problem, please contact the Varla after-sales team at before detecting it.

The Right Way of Being a Biker With 10HP

Owning a motorbike can be an expensive hobby because there are always improvements you can make, accessories to be bought and maintenance to be done. And as any motorcycle enthusiast will tell you, that can ad up to an considerable amount of money. Let’s have a look of what you need for safety and for comfort in riding a motorbike without spending a lot.

Keeping Your Motorcycle – Top Tips to Follow

Motorcycle owners spend thousands on their bikes every year, customising, maintaining, insuring and registering them. It’s definitely not a cheap hobby to have, but motorcycle enthusiasts will soon tell you it’s all worth it. Motorcycle security is often top of mind with motorbike owners, so here are some simple things you can do to secure your ride to avoid vandalism and theft.

Superior Harley Davidson Parts For One Extensive Mechanism

When you talk about a motorcycle company that already established its name and became one of the most respected and trusted superior motorcycle manufacturer all over the globe, we are definitely talking about Harley-Davidson and its parts are really certified and quality. In 1903 Harley-Davidson was founded and already created thousands of motorcycles since it started. After more than a centurial in producing motorcycle, this company had already encounter a lot of tough challenges and counting but manage to become one of the most trusted.

A Few of the Greatest Motocross Bike Parts

Motocross biking is such a hobby that requires vastly enhanced gear and this is because of the immense intensity of the hobby. This is basically a dirt bike activity and is held on enclosed territory which is off the road circuits. The word is a combination of the words “motorcycle” and “cross country”. This sport involves immense stamina levels which are essential not only of the rider but of the dirt bike as well.

Why Trunks Are Far Superior to All Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle trunks are far superior than other storage facilities in many ways. The enhances the looks of the bike along with convenience.

What Dirt Bike Should I Buy For My Kid?

Are you thinking about buying a dirt bike for your kid but don’t know which bike to choose or look for? Well, this will give you info about the name brand bikes for kids and help you make a decision. Choosing the right bike for your young rider can be very important, especially if…

Motorcycle Riders – Protect Your Head With a Good Quality Helmet

As a motorcycle rider, no doubt you are already aware that the safety of you and your bike is paramount. Thus, you conduct regular check-ups and maintenance on your bike, exercise vigilance when out riding, have the security of comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage and wear appropriate protective gear. Most important of all when it comes to protective gear is of course a good quality helmet, which will protect you against potential head injuries as well as shield your head and face from the wind, cold, insects and flying objects.

The Ultimate Bikers’ Christmas Wish List – Ten Show Stopping Presents For Motorcycle Riders

Splash out this Christmas and impress a bike rider who is close to your heart. We’ve come up with the ten most coveted biking helmets and boots – made for professionals and guaranteed to turn heads.

A Motorbike is a Great Way to Travel

Motorbikes offer exciting travel options and they are the most cost effective form of motorised transport. In many countries around the world, motorbikes are the most common mode of transport, as they are affordable and economical to run.

Scooter Style

There are a number of reasons to join the ranks of 50cc scooter owners. Here are a few to give you a taste.

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