How to Straighten Bent Brake Rotors on an Electric Scooter | ESG Labs

In this video, Paul will be teaching you how to fix a bent brake rotor on an electric scooter.

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Here’s the stand I’m using in the video

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Motorcycle Gear – Typical Items You’ll Find Motorcyclists Wearing

When you head out on the open road on your motorcycle either by yourself, with a group of friends, or with a motorcycle club, what do you wear? Do you wear the same thing every time you ride?

Classic Motorbike Insurance – Exploring the Policy Choices

Typically classic bikes are not for daily transportation. More often than not are used for leisure or hobby only. However, insurance companies usually do not provide any cover for mechanical failure and neither when you take your motorcycle out of the country. There are many websites provide this services which could help you to find the most suitable one.

Introduction to a Motorcycle Battery Tender

A motorcycle battery tender is an equipment to maintain two wheelers. They come in pre-packaged kits and they are a type of trickle battery charger- it never overcharges and charges really slowly. It incorporates “constant current, constant voltage, multi step charging.” Even if you store the battery for days, it does not lose its charge and is always ready for discharge.

Caution! This Motorcycle Turns Left

Being a motorcyclist, means defensive driving must be a way of life. Looking twice, sometimes three or four times is a given. Learning valuable lessons and living to tell them is a humbling experience and passing it on is the thing to do.

Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

In some countries, motorcycles become the main vehicle for all citizens. Each family sometimes has more than one motorcycle, even more than two.

Interesting Motorcycle Helmet Decor

I’ve seen some pretty interesting things over the years that I have been riding motorcycle and every year that I ride I tend to see something that catches my eye while I’m out for a ride. Over the last couple years I’ve begun to see more an more different types of items that are being purchased to dress up the motorcycle helmet, and some are more interesting than others to say the least!

Fresh Air

An article regarding the excitement, thrill and addictive nature of riding a motorcycle. It is tempered by the analysis of data regarding the dangers of riding a motorcycle vs driving a car vs being a pedestrian.

Helmet Mohawk – Choosing the Right One For You

When it comes to deciding which helmet mohawk you would like to purchase, there really is only one question that you need to answer for yourself and that is, “So what color do I want?”. You can buy the helmet mohawk from many different sources online so if you have a preference for one provider, simply visit the website, and select the color that you would like best.

How to Build Your First Custom Motorcycle

You have decided that you want to own a custom motorcycle, but you’re not quite sure how or where to begin. There are a few things to think about before you start on your journey for that original, unique, or unusual custom motorcycle.

How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

When looking for your first motorcycle, there are some things that you should look for. This article should help you out so that you or somebody you know will not end up with a lemon.

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