How to Replace the Deck Loop? | Varla Pegasus

This is a simple guide on how to replace the deck loop on your Varla Pegasus.
The deck loop is used to lock the stem to the deck when the scooter is folded, for easy lifting and storage.

Motorcycle Covers Are a Worthy Investment

Knowing how a motorcycle cover can benefit your bike can save you money and damage. Learn why motorcycle covers are a worthy investment.

The Early Years of Harley Davidson – Part One

In 1900, 15 years after Gottlieb Daimler invented the world’s foremost powered two-wheeler, when William Sylvester Harley and Arthur Davidson got together to build their own motorcycle in a Milwaukee basement. That was after they were being impressed by a variety act where comedienne Anna Held rode a French-built motorcycle across the stage of Milwaukee’s Bijou theatre.

Women Riders – Independent, Brave and Courageous

More and more women are growing to be more interested when it comes to riding motorcycles. In fact, more and more women nowadays even buy their own motorcycles and even try to learn how to ride the hardest motorcycle types.

Different Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are considered to be one of the most efficient means of transportation. Although men are the most riders of motorcycles, there are some women who are brave enough to experience this very exhilarating ride.

Biker Accessories Online

Biking accessories could also protect you from possible injuries and accidents so it is important that you consider buying the best quality accessories that you can ever find. There’s no need for you to go to different stores in your area because you can easily and conveniently choose among all the options that you have online.

Get Off the Road and Get Dirty

Thinking about experiencing the exciting world of dirt bike riding? Here are a few things to think about before you take to the trail.

Motorcycle Polish & Wax – The Best Motorcycle Polish You’ll Ever Use

What’s the best motorcycle polish you’ve ever used? I’m certain this question has been asked by thousands if not millions of guys, and some gals, interested in making their bike look SUPER. I know I’ve used lots of polishes and waxes, some good, some bad. But I’ve never used a polish as versatile and easy to use as ProtectAll Polish, Wax and Treatment.

Want to Go For a Motorcycle Bike Trip – What You Must Carry?

Among all the paraphernalia of a bike trip like mapping and planning the route, checking the weather forecast and planning the sightseeing and activities, the most important thing is to pack your bag and take all the things of relevance and significance. This is very important because the nastiest thing that might happen on the trip is that you might end up with a flat tire or an exhausted engine since the weight of the baggage could not be supported on the bike.

Blessing of the Bikers

With the start of each new riding season, comes the review and renewal of the motorcycle insurance policy. I’m always amazed at what is and what isn’t covered. Got chrome? You best write it off as a loss, because most policies won’t cover damage to chrome. Then there is the coverage for bodily injury, where our body parts are listed by monetary value. I’m well aware, of course that motorcycles are replaceable, and a life is not. With this in mind I take out extra insurance in the form of the Blessing of the Bikers.

The Importance of Jackets in Motorcycling

A jacket is an intrinsic part of motorcycling. A motorcycle rider cannot be thought separate from the jacket. However, the jacket is not worn simply for a style statement or convention or stereotype. It has a number of roles to play in bike riding.

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