How to Replace the Charging Port?

This video will show you how to replace the charging port on your Varla Eagle One Scooter.
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Government Motorcycle Auctions – 2 Things You Should Know

Government motorcycle auctions can give you, on one hand, an excellent bargain for the acquisition of your dream bike; on the other hand, it can also make you buy excessively overpriced units if you are not very careful on your actions, which is usually the result of having little knowledge about how things work in these places. Hence, it is essential for you to gain knowledge on some tricks of the trade so that you will be able to get excellent deals in the purchase of the motorbike of your dreams.

Benefits of Getting Gas Powered Scooters

Because of the rising prices for gas, many people have opted to buy gas powered scooters. Even if these vehicles still make use of gas, they do not need as much amount as compared to cars and can be cheaper. At first, these scooters were bought by parents to be used by their kids and teenagers. But due to the reason stated above, many adults are also considering these vehicles as an alternative to buying a car or even commuting to work.

Why Motorcycles Can Be Viewed As Fine Art

Do you think the words “fine art” and “motorcycle” will ever be used in a sentence together? Sure, there was the Guggenheim’s great success with “The Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit, where the motorcycles themselves were put on display for the public to admire their design. However, motorcycles have yet to break through as a subject for fine art in paintings or sculpture.

Purchasing Your Motorcycle From a Private Seller

There are many important things to consider when purchasing a motorcycle from a private seller. Some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind are how well the bike has been maintained, is the selling price justifiable, and is there any history of damage or major repair that might affect how well the motorcycle performs. Paying attention to these few points will help prevent you from buying a sub par motorcycle and losing money on the deal.

Tips For Purchasing Your First Motorcycle

Are you considering purchasing a new motorcycle? Buying a new bike can be a frustrating and time consuming task if you’re not prepared to do so. Here are some great tips that will help make your shopping experience simpler and much more pleasant.

Important Motorcycle Clothing Items

When you head out on the road for a motorcycle trip, it’s important that you remember to first check to see whether or not you have all the right gear. You’ll want to make sure you that you have the proper clothing so that you can dress for any type of weather situation that you may face while on the road. This article will discuss the important motorcycle clothing items that you will need on your trips.

Harley Davidson 883 Iron

For more than 50 years now the Milwaukee based Motorcycle Company Harley Davidson have created a range of Sportsters for riders to enjoy. This year has been no exception with the introduction of the Harley Davidson 883 Iron. When you sit on this superb looking machine you will be surprised at just how small it may feel.

Motorcycle Decals to Customize Your Bike

If you want to customize the look of your motorcycle you have a lot of choices. Some people like to have a custom design painted onto their bike, but this takes time and money.

Harley Davidson 883 Sportster – Which Model Will You Choose?

Now there are four different versions of the Harley Davidson 883 that one can consider buying. Although each model looks different they all come with the rubber mounted V Twin Evolution 883 cc engine that is powder coated. Plus they also all come with the electronic sequential port fuel injection system as well.

The Latest Weird and Wonderful Developments in Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle technology is changing fast – and so is the technology that goes into creating safe, comfortable helmets that look stunning and help riders go faster. Here are some of the greatest and latest features in motorbike crash helmets.

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