How To: Phantom Deck LED Full Replacement

In this video, we walk you through the process of how to replace every LED on your Apollo Phantom.
This is a video intended to be followed by only mechanically inclined scooter owners and mechanics. It’s a very big job to do it right.

0:00-0:09 – Introduction
0:10-0:38 – Required Tools
0:39-6:55 – Replacing the Front Deck LEDs
6:56-9:56 – Replacing the Rear Deck LEDs
9:57-14:38 – Replacing the Tail Light
14:39-18:35 – Final Re-assembly




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How to Hire a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Lets admit it, no one ever thinks they will certainly be included in a bike mishap as well as when they do the last thing they consider is hiring a bike crash attorney due to the fact that several people believe that if they have full insurance coverage motorcycle insurance policy they will certainly be taken care of in case of a motorbike accident. The what’s what is you ought to always employ a qualified motorcycle mishap legal representative to represent you so your legal rights are shielded when taking care of the responsible celebration’s insurance provider.

Is Harley Davidson Moving to Mexico?

Is Harley Davidson transferring to Mexico, or any other country for that issue? The short response is no, nonetheless the bike company is hurting from the depleted economy like the majority of various other American services now.

Why Build an Electric Bike?

You might be wondering why you need to construct your own bike when you can go buy an off the rack electric bike or mobility scooter at your neighborhood Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire for a practical rate. The major reason is these bikes just plain suck. They are underpowered with small electric motors, reduced amperage controllers, as well as weak batteries.

Helmet Mohawks – Making Riders Stand Out in a Crowd

Headgear Mohawks are becoming much more as well as a lot more preferred amongst motorcyclists throughout the world, maybe because they develop a special appearance that obtains the attention of others, they can easily be eliminated, as well as they can aid increase the visibility of the rider. Headgear Mohawks are a great helmet accessory for those that aren’t worried to reveal off a little mindset while riding, as well as delight in obtaining interest from others. Cyclists that are normally a lot more outgoing can be seen used this kind of item.

Men’s Motorcycle Jackets – Popular Buying Factors

When bicycle riders hit the trail, they should constantly think of bringing along guys’s bike coats. A few of the benefits of having these pieces of bicycle rider equipment along is added comfort as well as security from all sorts of climate condition.

The Importance of Leather Saddlebags and Leather Luggage

Bikes look fantastic adorned with leather. And also saddlebags as well as luggage are terrific devices in addition to being very important and also useful. See much more to find out what you ought to pack in your satchels and also travel luggage and just how useful they will certainly be to you.

Customizing Your Motorcycle the Easy Way

There is an old saying on the planet of Harley Davidson bikes as well as that is that there is no such thing as a supply Harley Davidson. Proprietors of this brand of motorcycle appear virtually compulsive about individualizing and also personalizing their motorcycle to fit their preferences and every year millions of dollars change hands for aftermarket motorcycle items.

Different Factors That Impair Your Ability to Ride a Motorcycle Safely

Vision adjustments is among the indications that your capacity to ride a motorbike securely is probably impaired. Review the whole write-up to understand other physical and emotional conditions that function as cautions that you should follow.

Staying Warm With Good Clothing on a Motorbike

As a normal outdoor activity, there is absolutely nothing much better than riding down a winding track with just on your own and your motorcycle. It is a time to kick back and enjoy the ambience as well as additionally a time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Protect Your Assets With Chain Wallets

Several of us have actually been in this circumstance before where we shed our wallet. Possibly we are riding on the back of a bike as well as it slides out of pocket? Probably it is swiped expense by a person when we are simply strolling down the road or surfing in the shop? Whatever the situation, shedding your budget can supply an excellent deal of annoyance for any individual and because of this it might well be an excellent concept for you to buy chain pocketbooks with your following acquisition.

How to Save Time Washing Motorcycles

Alright, I figured we would certainly begin with something easy that lots of people seem to battle with in taking care of their 2 rolled makers. The subject today is exactly how to save time cleaning motorbikes.

Motorcycle Touring – More on Sand Riding

We present additional tips for the motorbike tourer as well as experience bicycle rider for riding on sand when venturing out of the ordinary. We mostly discuss tire pressure and riding setting for greater control.

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