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Tune in to learn how to properly check your tire pressure, and learn some easy expert tips with Paul Somerville.

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The Advantage in Using a Scooter

There are many advantages to using a scooter. The many recent advances in technology have resulted in excellent pricing for scooters as well as excellent capabilities.

Motorcycles – A Great Past Time

The most obvious route to better motorcycle safety is better road awareness. This includes awareness of other road users, potential hazards, weather conditions, road layout and of course the rules of the road in whatever country you happen to be travelling. Car drivers can be notoriously oblivious of motorcyclists (and indeed cyclists and pedestrians!) so it is often down to motorcyclists to ensure that car-drivers are aware of them.

What’s Special About the Harley Davidson Deuce?

find our why people fall in love the Harley Davidson Deuce. It isn’t an inexpensive bike, but there are some good reasons that people are willing to pay the price.

A Ride Without Motorcycle Leathers

Have you ever wished you had a good set of motorcycle leathers? I will never forget the winter of 1987. My wife and I were living on the North shore of Chicago. She was working as an elementary school teacher and I was finishing grad school.

Synthetic Two Cycle Oil

High performance synthetic 2 cycle lubricant is desired by most outdoor enthusiasts for their personal watercraft and jet boats. Amsoil INTERCEPTOR 2-Cycle Oil prevents sticky valves by adding high levels of detergent to their proprietary formula. It uses the best synthetic base oils that available on the market today.

Motorcycle Accessories For Enthusiasts

The amount of different accessories and being able to now custom make your own accessories with logos and brand names to your fitting makes buying motorcycle gear a fun experience, especially for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Whenever buying your motorcycle equipment, motorcycle clothes and motorcycle boot styles, keep in mind to obtain some leather washing products for all of your new bike gear.

Motorcycle Helmet Facts and Fiction

Although the state of Wisconsin does not require adult motorcyclists to wear a protective helmet, the United States Department of Transportation and numerous other entities strongly recommend ­helmet use as one of the best ways to protect a rider’s welfare in the event of an accident. Today’s motorcycle helmets are engineered with the benefit of decades of research and the refinement of materials and methods. Despite these advances, there are many accidents which are too severe for a helmet to completely eliminate all injury risks. When a motorcycle wreck is caused by the negligence or recklessness of another driver, manufacturer, or other entity then it might be in the best interests of an injured biker to pursue a civil lawsuit.

Fix Your Motorcycle Dents Yourself

Don’t pay a body shop to fix simple dents in your motorcycle. You can do it yourself with a few easy steps.

The Oil is Important

Automobiles and motorcycles are similar in many ways. They both require lubricants in order to make sure they work correctly. Even though they are similar, they both use very different kinds of oils, or lubricants.

Alpinestars Spring Editions

With spring rapidly approaching, those distant memories of riding in the sunshine are beginning to emerge. This winter has been long and weather conditions have been treacherous meaning some of us may not have ridden our bikes as much as we had hoped.

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