How To: Apollo Phantom: Throttle Replacement

In this video, we walk you through the process of how to replace a V1 throttle on your Phantom to a V2. Make sure you have the V2 screen installed first!
If you are simply replacing a V2 throttle for another, Follow the same steps!

0:00-0:12 – Introduction
0:12-0:17 – Required Tools
0:17-3:58 – Replacing the Throttle




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Novelty Helmets, What’s the Point?

There are different safety helmet creates out there. When out on your ride you desire a headgear that fits you and your personal style. There are various shapes, dimensions and layouts to fit you simply the method you want.

Motor Scooter History

This short article covers electric motor scooter background. When and just how they first transpired and were presented. The innovations that were included and brings the visitor up to speed on current motor mobility scooters.

Changing Your Motor Scooter’s Oil

This Post will take you with the detailed process of changing your electric motor scooter’s oil. A great deal of electric motor scooter’s handbooks are not very informative on the matter, so this should assist with the procedure.

Traditional Biker Codes – Rules and Ethics to Ride By

Government controlled policies, such as website traffic and also safety, can be located in handouts, pamphlets, publications, as well as online, yet verifying info on unformulated bicycle rider legislations is a various tale. Motorcyclists simply often tend to understand them, and also if they don’t, they quickly will certainly figure out which secret league code they damaged. Riding is a lifestyle …

The Chopper

A chopper is a motorbike yet not the traditional type. Choppers are motorcycles that have actually been significantly modified by the proprietor and even the supplier.

Indian Motorcycles – A Brief History

At the start of the twentieth century, Springfield Massachusetts saw the birth of a legend in the form of ‘The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Firm’; its most renowned models being the ‘Scout’ and the ‘Chief’, the last being in manufacturing for an extraordinary thirty-one years. The founders of the firm, which was initially called the ‘Hendee Manufacturing Business’, were George M. Hendee as well as Carl Oscar Hedstrom, a pair of former bike racers that signed up with pressures to produce a 1 3/4 horse power motorcycle.

Two Wheelers Runway Success

The two wheelers in India use mobility to the Indian households. 2 wheelers affordability, low maintenance and cost efficiency are the key factors which have led to its significant success on the Indian roads.

Motorcycle Saddle Bags – 5 Best Tips For Choosing the Right One

When your trousers pockets can not hold your briefcase, consider motorcycle bags. These bags hold practically whatever for your motorbike bag, other than the kitchen sink (have no concern – you can leave the sink in the house).

The World’s Fastest Motorbikes

Hang onto your hats; we’re going for a trip. The Superbike field which was developed throughout the seventies, would permit plain people such as you as well as I to ride something comparable to the equipments that our heroes make use of on the track.

How to Get That New Old Sportster Motorcycle Back on the Road

Alright you just bought a old motorbike: Sportster, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki or whatever for a terrific rate and also the person you purchased it from swears that: It has rarely been ridden It has been diligently maintained it was just restored 1500 miles ago It has just embeded in the garage, cellar, shed, barn or any place for “a while” Sound Familiar? I have brought greater than my share of old bikes home as well as learned that you can conserve on your own a lot of stress by taking a couple of straightforward steps and spending a few bucks up front before you ride.

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