How To: Apollo City 2022 Drum Brake Replacement

In this video, we walk you through the process of how to replace a Drum brake on your Apollo City/City Pro. If you need to replace the front drum, simply take off the front wheel with 2 6mm Hex keys instead of the 21mm wrench for the rear, and follow the replacement steps in the video.

0:00-0:09 – Introduction
0:10-3:24 – Replacing the Drum Brake
3:25- 3:59 – Brake Adjustment and Outro




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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Contribution to Motorcycle Touring Preparation

“Many Battles Are Won or Lost Long Before The Very First Shot Is Terminated” stated Napoleon Bonaparte when referring to the relevance of planning and preparation. These 2 words define exactly how much we are mosting likely to delight in the distinct experiences that come with bike touring. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, yet just ‘when’ a poorly planned motorbike trip will certainly cause concerns; some of which may have dire consequences.

Choosing To Buy A Helmet For Riding Safety

Whether you are brand-new to riding bikes or have actually been riding for years something every motorcyclist requires to do is purchase safety helmets. While riding a motorbike is thought about enjoyable for many riders, it is vital to very first take the appropriate safety preventative measures to get one of the most out of your ride as well as reduce risk of injury.

Roadside Assistance With Motorcycle Towing Offers Riders Extra Protection

Bike chauffeurs around the world can significantly gain from the protection that roadside aid with motorbike towing can supply. This type of solution is really affordable as well as provides riders the security they require when traveling. If you break down for any factor, you do not have to stress and anxiety and fear over what to do because you’re gotten ready for an emergency. Just call the 1-800 number provided by your firm for support.

Choosing The Correct Type Of New Motorcycle

Are you on the market for a new bike? Concerning 500,000 individuals annually remain in the USA alone. If you are new to the sport and are looking for some suggestions, perhaps I can help you tighten your focus a little bit.

7 Life Lessons From Our Motorcycle on Vision

Life Lessons from Motorcycles is a collection showing up on Mondays which discovers teachings we get with riding. Right here, we examine the 7 means our bikes talk to us concerning vision.

Choosing a Motorbike Camera

Aboard video cameras are a prominent accessory for motorbike enthusiasts globe over. Modern, light-weight HD electronic cameras permit cyclists to record video of their ride, which they can experience time as well as time once more. Below are 3 of the most effective motorcycle cams available at the moment.

The Real Deal on Motorcycle Riding

This article speaks concerning the various experiences an individual will have once they have chosen to become a bike rider. Many individuals begin out believing motorbike riding is all enjoyable and video games. It is not. The choice to become a motorcycle biker is major one that can have a major impact on your life. It is not to be ignored, however can be a really satisfying experience.

Love Motorcycles? Career Ideas for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

While lots of people consider motorcyclists as those who like to ride as a pastime or in their spare-time, there are some people who are lucky enough to be able to utilize their bike as part of their task. Simply like a relocating company has a truck, some individuals have motorcycles that are necessary to their work.

What Kind of Motorcycle Helmet Fits You?

A bike safety helmet is made use of as a protective head-gear for motorbike bikers in order to make certain safety and security. The basic feature of the headgear is to protect the head throughout an impact to avoid injury as well as perhaps conserve the cyclist’s life. As a matter of fact, security is really the standard factor why safety helmets were introduced to begin with. Research and studies have actually shown that making use of motorcycle safety helmets has actually been able to minimize chances of significant injuries throughout an accident by a considerable margin.

Retro Classic Motorcycles – Has the Kawasaki W800 Stolen the Market?

This article checks out the retro bike market and looks at exactly how recent offerings have possibly altered the method the marketplace is proceeding in a competitive globe of motorbike sales. Several have tried and also fallen short to come up wit the ideal instance of brand-new old riding, nonetheless one or two are really close to attaining simply that.

Men’s Leather Coats and Everything You Should Know About Them

For a guy, nothing can be as trendy as men’s natural leather layers. Discover even more regarding them right here.

Motorcycle Review: The Dyna Switchback From Harley-Davidson

Reduce weight quickly! BOGO! Simply a couple of highly efficient marketing terms we really felt Harley can have easily incorporated into the advertising material for its most recent version, the Dyna Switchback.

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