How To: Apollo City 2022 Charging Port Replacement

In this video, we walk you through the process of how to replace the charging Port on your Apollo City.
Remember to install your deck tray back in within the lip of the deck, to maintain the best possible water resistance.

0:00-0:10 – Introduction
0:11-0:16- Required Tools
0:17-6:35 – Replacing the Charging Port




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Motorcycle Headlights: The Four Pay-Offs Of HID Motorcycle Headlights

Why pay that little additional for HID bike fronts lights when you prepare to alter? Here we check out the 4 pay-offs that will certainly make your selection easy!

Motorcycle Safety And The New Rider

With the start of Spring, lots of men and ladies who have never gotten on a motorbike previously will certainly throw their legs over the saddle as well as pursue their initial trip. Most of these new riders will certainly be responsible and also adhere to the guidelines of the road, but a good variety of them will certainly not. These poor motorcyclists are not complying with the regulations of motorbike safety.

2011 Hero Honda Hunk Review

Hero Honda began the performance cycling trend with the launch of the CBZ back in early 2000s. The bike reviewed extremely sprint as its punch line and done like nothing else. It was fast and the way power was available in, was simply incredible.

5 Best Dirt Bike Mods For Motocross Racing

Intend to go quicker? Here are the leading 5 motocross mods to make certain that your bike will be able to handle it. In order to go quicker, your bike must be set-up appropriately to manage it.

Sport Chrome – Finest Chrome Plating

Today wheels and tiers are not the routine types, with the onset of alloys, chrome plates they have arised a lot. These improvements not just give added roadway security but additionally contribute to the appearances of the automobile. Generally the plating of chrome is utilized on the exhausts, handles and also mirrors of the car.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding period is ideal around the bend. Bikes are getting up from hibernation. It’s regarding time to take the great ol’ Bike for a flight. As enjoyable as bikes are during the cozy climate, they also can be harmful if not dealt with appropriately. Given that your bike has actually been resting in the garage for the winter months its excellent to double check the essentials on your bike to make certain its road deserving. It’s also a good concept to make sure you have all the necessary equipment to ride securely. Be certain to be secure and clever riding your Bike this season.

A Guide to Purchasing Dirt Bikes

There are a variety of various methods where you can locate bikes to buy by various models and also producers such as VF1000R which is an unique bike with roadway racer styling, premium quality surface as well as fit, equipment driven camshafts, 41mm front forks and also quick launch front axle clamps. Those that are seeking motorcycle for sale, the very best area to locate them is the net as there are lots of neighborhood as well as authorized dealerships that supply large amounts as well as discount rates. There are numerous points you need to take into consideration before acquiring bikes such as its cost as well as specs …

Story Behind the World Famous Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki is a firm based in Japan; established by Kawasaki Shozo. Everything began in 1924 when Kawasaki was associated with aircraft and metallurgy industry. In 1949, they chose to pass through the climbing bike market by creating engines for bikes.

Essential Accessories for Motorbike Enthusiasts

Motorcycling has long been among the most demanded activity for fun and entertainment; and with technical technologies turning up every once in a while, the riding experience is improving every day. Today, we have the option of including a number of fantastic devices to our motorcycle to make it much better in various ways.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance – Look For Those Discounts

It’s coming close to that time of year for most of us that reside in The United States and Canada when the snow is gone, the temperature level is warming up and also we begin to yearn for the open roadway once again. It additionally time to reassess our current insurance plan and also maybe do some buying around to see if we can’t find some cheap bike insurance. You might still finish up paying regular insurance policy rates however with a little bit of homework as well as some online research you simply could be able to safeguard some better prices.

How To Ride Your Motorcycle Through Deep Water

There might come a time in your life when you have to experience riding in the rain while on your motorbike. In some situations the standing water when driving may come to be significantly deep. Here are some ideas on just how to ride your bike via deep water.

How To Properly Fit A Helmet – Motorcycle Tips

Purchasing a new helmet that can be used when riding a motorbike is something that every motorcyclist has to do if they intend on riding in a state that has a safety helmet regulation. Here are some tips on just how to correctly fit a safety helmet.

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