How International Model Jordan Rand became a Future Electric Scooter Racing Star

The world’s first electric scooter racing competition! ESC, Electric Scooter Championship! With an exclusive interview with Jordan Rand from eSC.
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Why You Need a Motorcycle Jacket

There are many reasons why people wear motorcycle jackets when riding. It can be both fashionable as well as functional. A Harley motorcycle jacket, like any clothing, offers the protection against weather and keeps the rider warm but is also build durable to withstand physical abuse.

How to Select Safe Motorcycle Riding Gear

Riding on the road can be a little bit dangerous especially in situations where one doesn’t have the complete protective gear. Others have ended up being paralyzed, if not losing one of their body parts. In the USA for example, mandatory guidelines were put in place, and anyone wishing to enjoy a ride on the roads is supposed to adhere to that. This has attributed to many riders selecting and using protective gears such the helmets, boots, jackets and other gadgets.

6 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Facilitate Injury Prevention

Almost everything we do in life involves some level of risk, and riding a motorcycle is no exception. If going for a ride on your bike is one of your favorite pleasures, there is no reason to give it up just because there’s a chance you might get hurt. What is important is to learn how to protect yourself so you can greatly reduce the chances of injuries in a motorcycle accident. Here are six things you can do to protect yourself.

Winter Warmers For Motorcycle Enthusiasts From Teknic

Winter can be a tough time for motorcyclists. From constant rain and wind, a significant decrease in visibility, right through to snow and hail, the weather conditions can make riding hard.

Buying an Electric Scooter, Part 1

Here is my experience in buying an electric scooter. Here is the process that helped me to learn a lot about electric and mobility scooters, so I thought I would share this information. Buying an new electric scooter can be a pretty complex process. There is a lot to think about before buying an electric scooter.

DMV Motorcycle Written Test – Modern Convenience Online

With the latest advances in online training, the DMV motorcycle written test courses provided over the Internet afford you great convenience and flexibility to practice for your motorcycle license test. Study at your own pace and create simulated exams are just some of the benefits you will receive.

Harley Davidson Clothing – Gifts For Every Occasion!

In most people’s minds, Harley Davidson reminds them of leather skull jackets, dark boots and vests, and an array of powerful biker patches. To the contrary, Harley apparel extends beyond the stereotypical leather and skulls. Harley Davidson lovers from all over, with a taste for fashion, have created tons of stylish Harley Davidson clothing to suit women, men and children that are Harley fans and involved in the Harley community.

Growth of Electric Bikes – A Potential Business Opportunity

Electric bikes are constantly growing in India these days. Entrepreneurs are optimistic in this business, despite the low sales trends. In India, there are more than 40 e-bike companies manufacturing electric bikes. Almost all companies importing electric bike parts in completely knocked down (CKD) kits from countries like China, Taiwan and assembling in India and selling in India.

Harley Davidson, More Than a Bike

Riding a Harley Davidson bike is the dream of almost every man. If you have some interest in biking, then you must have heard somewhere about Harley Davidson. These amazing pieces of beauty, are not just meant for transportation purposes.

Pit Bikes – Why Not Immediately Replacing Your Engine Oil Can Be Disastrous For Your Pit Bike!

If you have bought a Pit bike off eBay It’s likely to arrive at your door step still in the crate. This is how it comes from the seller which is also how it would have been shipped by the manufacturer. In it current condition its highly recommended you do not start it because you need to do some important things first to prep the engine before riding the bike.

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