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4 Master Tricks to Protect Your Motorcycle’s Paint

It is easy to own a motorcycle. But maintaining your motorcycle’s look has to do more than just going for a ride. Protecting your motorcycle’s exteriors will determine how your bike will look in the long run. Your motorcycle takes a severe beating as it has to stay outdoors all the time. As the color of the paint on the bike fades, the bike does lose its sheen eventually. Despite the advanced paint technologies used on the motorcycle, nature does take a toll in the end.

How to Keep Your Bike Rust-Free in the Monsoons – Monsoon Maintenance

When monsoon comes finally knocking at your door, your bike rides do take a back seat. Obviously, all the bike owners aim to keep their vehicles away from any harm from moisture and one of the factors worrying them is rust. Riding in rains can result in rusting of bike parts, but a few cautious measures can solve your problem of rusting with ease. A bike will need extra attention in this season as compared to other seasons.

Do’s And Don’ts of Motorcycle Maintenance – Best Maintenance Tips

A safe motorcycle is a well-maintained motorcycle. But there are Do’s and Don’ts one has to keep in mind while maintaining a motorcycle that can keep your bike in top shape and prepare you for a safer ride.Cleaning a motorcycle is the first step towards maintaining a motorcycle. While cleaning the bike one usually gets to take a look at the various parts of the machine in great detail which is very helpful in the inspection and maintenance of the bike.

Cosmetic Care for Your Bike – Taking Care of Your Prized Possession

There is no doubt that a bike can handle whatever the road, and adventure has in store for it. But after a few kilometers of riding, a bike is exposed to countless hazards and conditions that could result in it looking less than perfect. A few minutes of extra care everyday will keep a bike as good as new. The following tips will help your bike to look better.

5 Smart Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery – High Maintenance of Bikes

Motorcycle batteries are always taken for granted. Though reliable most of the time, and easy to maintain, if done correctly, there are a few things one should know about battery maintenance which will save you major headaches down the road. Maintaining your battery correctly will also prolong its life and save money that would be spent on frequently replacing batteries.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle

When you decide to buy your dream bike, it is important to ask yourself some questions. The first thing you need to know is that just because you want one does not mean that you should get one. Many people think that they want a bike, and when they finally get one, they realize that they are not ready for the responsibility.

Bike Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

A long ride along the dusty roads can make your bike so dirty, that you may not feel like going for a second ride. It’s not about all the fancy cleaning products you want to try on your bike, but as to how regular you are in keeping your bike in good condition. Improper maintenance can adversely affect your bike’s lifespan and degrade its value. This ultimately can serve to downgrade your biking experience as well. The durability of your bike, as a result, disturbed with poor maintenance.

Best Selling Sports Bikes in India – The Sporty Ones

Everyone dreams to own a sports bike. The high price range of super sports bikes does not play spoil sport to owning a sport bike, because many consumers are ready to pay any amount of money for speed. To fulfill the needs of bikers, every company in the two wheeler business is doing their best and launching sport bikes with numerous features.

Best Mileage Bikes in India

India is a country where there is a lot of demand for the two wheelers. The urban youth prefer a stylish two wheeler rather than a car as a personal vehicle because of the ease in riding and maintaining. The motor bikes of the capacities 100 cc, 125 cc and 150 cc are highly in demand. Most of the bike makers have many models in these categories with a variety of specifications, features and looks.

Bajaj Discover 125 – Discover the Pleasure of Riding

With the Indian automobile market swarming with commuter bikes, consumers have a choice to choose from manufacturers like Hero MotoCorp, Honda and Bajaj. Out of the foremost competitors in the commuter segment, the home grown bike manufacturer, Bajaj is filling the gap which Pulsar left with the launch of a new series of bikes – the Discover series of bikes. The Discover series has acquired lot of attention in the commuter segment with its fuel efficiency and high performance for affordable prices.

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