Hiboy S2 Pro Review: The Best Budget Electric Scooter?

Hiboy S2 Pro Review: The Best Budget Electric Scooter?

Hiboy S2 Pro Review – (Purchase Link: https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/go/youtube-hiboy-s2-pro-review) – ‘The flagship’, that’s where the S2 Pro sits in Hiboy’s S2 line, with a model evocative of the Xiaomi Mi 365, it does, at points, achieve that title. The key aspects differentiating the Pro from the rest of the S2 range are the battery life and 10 inch solid tires which complement the rear dual shock absorbers. The battery allows for a max range of 25 miles and the 500W motor propels the S2 Pro to 19 mph when in ‘Sport’ mode. Combined with an IP54 resistance rating, cruise control, an integrated mobile app, and the option of attaching a seat, the S2 Pro promises a lot of extra features.

Purchase Link: https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/go/youtube-hiboy-s2-pro-review
Written Review (U.S.): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/electric-scooters/reviews/hiboy-s2-pro-review/
Written Review (UK.): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/en-gb/electric-scooters/review/hiboy-s2-pro-review/

Purchase Link: https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/go/youtube-hiboy-s2-pro-review-turboant-x7-pro
Written Review (U.S.): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/electric-scooters/reviews/turboant-x7-pro-review/
Written Review (UK): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/en-gb/electric-scooters/review/turboant-x7-pro-review/

Purchase Link: https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/go/youtube-hiboy-s2-pro-review-turboant-m10
Written Review (U.S.): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/electric-scooters/reviews/turboant-m10-review/

Purchase Link: https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/go/youtube-hiboy-s2-pro-review-horizon
Written Review (U.S.): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/electric-scooters/reviews/horizon-10-review/
Written Review (UK): https://www.electricscooterinsider.com/en-gb/electric-scooters/review/horizon-10-review/

In the video, there are 8 key chapters (Who Is It Best For / Pros & Cons / Value / Alternatives / Design / Ride Quality / Performance / Extra Features), but to make it easier for you to find the information that you care the most about, I’ve added time stamps for each section in the chapters.

00:00 – Intro
01:35 – Who Is It Best For?
02:33 – Pros & Cons
03:02 – Value For Money
03:54 – Alternatives
07:18 – Design (Handlebars)
09:10 – Design ( Frame)
10:06 – Design (Deck)
11:27 – Design (Tires)
12:12 – Design (Build Quality)
12:56 – Design (Weight & Load)
13:15 – Design (Portability)
13:46 – Ride Quality
14:50 – Performance (Top Speed)
15:39 – Performance (Speed vs Price)
16:30 – Performance (Acceleration)
17:25 – Performance (Maximum & Real Mileage)
18:09 – Performance (Mileage vs Price)
19:12 – Performance (Hill Climbing)
19:48- Performance (Suspension)
20:19 – Performance (Braking)
20:59 – Performance (Charge Time)
21:24 – Extra Features – Lights
21:56 – Extra Features – Mobile App
22:33 – Extra Features – Digital Lock
23:15 – Where to Buy

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