GREAT WINTER RIDING SHOW – Top Tips for Winter Riding | ESG Liveshow #66

Tonight, Chuck, Paul, and Ramier will discuss four essential aspects of riding scooters in the Winter:
1. How to choose the best scooter
2. The best gear for riding in the Winter and how to get the most from it
3. Tip for riding safe through wet conditions
4. How to store your scooter for the Winter

Pre-Show: 00:00
Intro: 06:04
ESG Photo Friday: 10:06
Community Content: 13:23
Next Scooters: 22:50
Deal of the Week: 25:29
Great Winter Riding Show: 27:43
Choosing a Rain-Worthy Scooter: 31:21
What to Wear Riding a Scooter in the Rain: 39:08
How to Ride in the Rain/Winter: 46:50
How to Store a Scooter: 54:55
Live Q&A: 58:56
Micromobility News: 1:10:30
Facebook Giveaway: 1:16:20

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