Fluid CityRider Electric Scooter Review: The Best Looking Cheap Electric Scooter

The 2021 Fluid CityRider($499 https://geni.us/mFOrfNe?track=yt) is the perfect budget scooter that’s low maintenance, and high on style.
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A Guide to Important Motorcycle Parts

There are some motorcycle parts that are prone to require constant upkeep and a few minor adjustments here and there. If your ride feels uncomfortable, it could be a question of your riding style in combination with other things. However, it could just be your chains and sprockets. Your brand of brake pads could be the problem. Since all facets of the bike maintenance process are specific to motorcycles only, it is easy to spot when a repair is needed.

Hog Heaven – Advantages (And Disadvantages) of Owning a Motorcycle

There are both advantages and disadvantages to owning and riding motorcycles. Since they are a permanent part of our society, if you are considering purchasing one, be aware of the pros and cons.

How to Save Money While Maintaining Your Motorcycle

That old saying that goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” is simply not true in the motorcycle world. Modern bikes are built to last, and that can only happen when service intervals are taking place on a regular basis. Maintaining a reliable motorcycle will keep a bike in tip top shape for many, many years if it’s done right. And if you keep a schedule and do most repairs at home, this won’t be an expensive hobby.

How Comfortable Are Motorcycle Glasses

As far as the motorcycle glasses are concerned, they are definitely quite important for the sports person especially the bikers. But they are too stylish and you will certainly find out that they are quite comfortable. The comfort is one of the features which you will certainly find out to be quite important.

Suzuki Motorcycles and Motorcycle Accessories

You can find a Suzuki at well over a thousand motorcycle dealers. They have a great twelve month warranty that affords unlimited miles, no deductible, and other perks. There is a large assortment of motorcycle accessories available from Suzuki as well. These accessories are available at many brick and mortar stores, as well as many online retail sites.

Custom Harley Wheels – Set Your Ride Apart From All the Others

If you want the ultimate Harley you should consider adding custom Harley wheels. Many motorcycle enthusiasts have stayed away from custom wheels because they think they can’t afford them. The following are some pointers to help you save on custom Harley wheels…

7 Reasons to Get Street Legal Scooters Or Mopeds

Mopeds and scooters have been around for a long time now. From Cushman during the war to Mr. Honda opening up a shop in the San Fernando Valley back in the 1950’s to sell his Honda Super Cub, the American public has taken a liking to these ‘mini’ bikes.

5 Awesome Fast Gas Scooters You Have Got to Check Out Today

Gas powered scooters have been around since around 1900, right around the same time as cars were first starting to hit the market. With the economy being not so hot and the price of gas hovering in the $3.00 range, these scooters are becoming a popular source of transportation in all walks of life.

Enjoy the Ride With Quality Motocross Gear

Motocross is among the most enthralling sports today. Over the years, it has attracted a range of bikers, right from hardened veterans to the thrill seeking amateur riders. It can, however, prove to be one of the most dangerous sports if you do not use the appropriate and quality motocross gear.

6 Awesome 250cc Scooter Models

You’ve wanted one and now is the time. You need some cheap wheels because you are sick of paying $50 every time you go to the gas station to fill up your car. Well, scooters are a great alternative, especially the 250cc scooter.

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