FIRST IMPRESSIONS!! | Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter!

VirtuallyChris is back!! Thanks to Varla for sending over the Eagle One for me to check out. It’s easily the best electric scooter I’ve ever ridden but might be even better than that. Watch the video to learn all about it!

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Most Awaited Motorcycles to Be Launched

You all are familiar with the word motorcycle. It does not really matter if you own a car or not, somewhere in the back of your mind, you have fantasized about riding a bike. You might have ridden bikes like the Kawasaki Versys 1000LT, Ducati Scrambler and Yamaha FJ-09 this year. But the innovation never comes to an end and new bikes are always ready to be launched around the end of the year. Below are the 10 motorcycles, which you would be able to ride, to move to the New Year “2016”.

Some of the Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

If you’re considering an Electric Bike as an option for transportation, it’s vital for you to comprehend the pros and cons first, so that you can focus on the most ideal approach to use it. In case you are used to driving a gas-controlled vehicle, there are several extravagances you’ll be compelled to surrender by picking it. But, there are also colossal advantages, which for some individuals, far exceed the cons.

Top 5 Benefits of an Electric Bike

Those who ride fast electric bikes know the hidden benefits of it. They can only understand the rush of going downhill notwithstanding, when riding on the flats. Mountain riding is now quite easy with these bikes, in fact riding them is just like bliss for your spirit.

Performance Engine Building

Performance engine building is not a task to be taken lightly. Not only does it involve utilizing advanced mechanical skills, but optimizing the performance of an ATV or motorcycle also involves making a substantial financial investment. Therefore, before delving into high-performance engine build, it is important to keep two key factors in mind.

Ways to Identify If the Motorcycle You Intend To Buy Is a Good Match

Looks can be deceptive, and this can be true when it comes to buying a motorcycle too. They can look amazingly gorgeous and shiny however you would never know if the motorcycle complements you perfectly.

Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

It is the responsibility of both drivers and motorcyclists to maintain a safe highway environment. Common sense would tell any driver to be alert and courteous while travelling on streets and especially freeways. Keep a safe distance behind any vehicle in front of you. Use the 2 second rule, staying behind whatever is in front of you. Always wear both a helmet and other protective gear. Obviously, do not ever ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Motorcycle

You are way past your childhood and are on the way to adulthood, this is exactly when your interest in motorcycles and biking pressures arise. If you are one among the 500,000 people looking out for a new motorcycle but are relatively new to the sport, then you could use some expert advice so that you can easily come to a conclusion of what exactly your requirement is.

Which Motorcycle Handlebars Are The Best?

There is a big debate between which type of handlebars are the best for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Here are some things to consider when making your choice.

Considering Used Motorcycles For Sale

Now that web-based technology has made it easy to find motorcycles for sale in your area, it’s more important than ever to be an educated consumer. Learn what to look for when inspecting a potential new bike and how to weed out the scammers.

All You Need To Know About The 2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle

If you are a fan of the Indian Scout Motorcycle you might be interested to know that the legendary American cruising motorcycle is back in the form of the 2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle. But what does this great bike have to offer that sets it apart from others when looking to purchase a new motorcycle with the Indian brand name? Here is all you need to know about the bike in a nutshell.

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