Fiido Seated Scooter Deep Dive + EMOVE Cruiser Giveaway Winner Announced! | Live Show #63

Tonight, Chuck and Paul do a deep dive of the Fiido Q1S seated electric scooter, announce the winner of the Instagram giveaway with Director of Operations from Voro Motors, Melvin, share ESG community content, and more! (Fiido purchase link:

* Note that we messed up on the Emove Cruiser Giveaway drawing, only including roughly half the names. We will be doing another drawing for another Emove Cruiser today (12/2/20) with the names we regrettably forgot to include. We will announce both winners on our Instagram account by the end of the day today. The recording of choosing the second winner will be aired on the live show next week (12/8/20).
Update 12:45PM PST: The second winner was chosen and both announced on our Instagram.

Pre-Show: 00:00
Intro: 02:46
ESG Photo Friday: 07:11
Community Content: 13:01
Next Scooters: 26:20
Deal of the Week: 29:15
Deep Dive: 30:54
Micromobility News: 1:23:56
Instagram Giveaway: 1:29:25

Deal of the Week: FIIDO Seated Electric Scooter
Sponsor: Voro Motors
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Fiido Q1S First Look:
Fiido Q1S Review Video:
Fiido Q1S Written Review:


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Low traffic neighborhoods divide communities in London:
Met Police issue open letter to e-scooter retailers in London:
Spin launches micromobility research fund:

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