Exclusive: Mantis Pro SE – Electric Scooter Walk Around, Speed Test & Ride Footage

Today we get to check out the newest edition to the Kaabo lineup from Voromotors. The Kaabo Mantis Pro 10 SE. Let’s take a deep dive and see what this scooter is all about!

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Scooter Flashlight: https://amzn.to/2Ww3L3V
Draggy Speed Tracker: https://amzn.to/3nBDu03

00:00 Intro
0:37 Walk Around
5:26 Speed Test
7:47 Ride Footage
21:34 Final Thoughts

How to Wash and Wax a Motorcycle

Use quality products and follow the manufacturers directions. Use clean, soft clothes for each step. After you clean your motorcycle enjoy the view from the drivers seat.

How to Keep Yourself Comfortable in Cold Weather While on Your Motorcycle

If you’ve been riding motorcycle for a long time, chances are pretty good that you’ve experience just about every type of weather condition there is, and you know what gear is necessary to keep yourself warm while riding your motorcycle in those cold conditions. If you’re new to motorcycling, you may not have a lot of experience and may be wondering what you need to whether the cold conditions in comfort.

Helmet Mohawks – Helping Riders Show Off a Little Attitude

There are a number of great helmet products on the market today, all of which can help dress up the helmet a little and make it a little more appealing in the rider’s eyes. There is one accessories that stands out in the crowd though and that is the helmet Mohawk.

Motorcycle Hand Control Stainless Bolt Replacement

The hand controls on most motorcycles older than five years are screwed together using a variety of screws and bolts, usually finished in an MOD black finish, sometimes zinc passivated or black painted. Hand controls for the purpose of this article would be the clutch and brake lever clamps, the throttle tube pulley housing, left and right hand switch gear assemblies, hydraulic reservoir mounts and tops and, perhaps for aesthetic value, the rear view mirror mounts on faired machines.

FAQ Regarding Interco Tires

Considering a purchase of Interco tires? Read below to view the answers to some frequently asked questions. Perhaps yours will be included in the list, and you will then be well on your way toward making a purchasing decision.

Caberg Konda Motorcycle Helmet Review

Staying safe while looking good is at the forefront of any rider’s mind, which is why the range of helmets and associated products supplied by Caberg have become so popular, as they score highly on both. The recently introduced Konda range of helmets looks set to take the market by storm through 2010 and beyond, and at some specialists for a short time only there is up to 10% off the recommended retail price, ensuring you can stay ahead of the game at the best possible price.

The Transportation Craze of Mobylette and Peugot Scooters

Mobylette scooters, from a company called Motobecane, arrived on the scene in the 1949 and were manufactured until the 1997. The affection for the moped was at first the novelty, then the retro look of the bicycle looking machine.

How a Motorcycle Brand Became a Cultural Symbol

When most motorcyclists head out to enjoy an afternoon of free riding, they think of the allure of the open road. No time tables, no meetings, nothing at all – just freedom. More often than not, enthusiasts can regale you about the joy of just cruising.

Safety Gear Saves Lives

An open face helmet is close to a full helmet, but does not cover the full face. The face is left open, with the shell covering the brow line to the base of the neck.

Simple Motorcycle Adventure Checklist

Here is a simple basic checklist to help your next adventure get you there safely. Start with your ride, then your pack, then your route. The most important thing is to have fun on your adventure and do it safely.

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