Exclusive Interview with Scooter Crossing on Their Epic 4,000 Mi Adventure | ESG Liveshow #81

Tonight, Graham, Brandon and Christian from Scooter Crossing join Chuck and Paul to discuss their epic cross-country trip across the United States on electric scooters!

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Apollo Phantom web review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/apollo-phantom-review/
Best Electric Scooters of 2021 Based on 2,381 Riders’ Feedback: https://youtu.be/1cktt-xXJIU
2021 Survey Results: https://electric-scooter.guide/blog/2021-survey-results/


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Oxford study on bikes vs cars: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-31/switching-from-cars-to-bikes-cuts-commuting-emissions-by-67?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_medium=social&utm_content=business&cmpid=socialflow-twitter-business
Google Maps pushes towards climate-friendly routes: https://www.fastcompany.com/90620494/google-maps-will-start-showing-you-slower-routes-heres-why

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The History of the Honda CD125 Motorcycle

This was the very first Honda 125 to make use of the unique lightweight side cam-chain drive engine, the substitution just for the C92 type unit. Introduced in Japan within 1966 being a relatively gentle commuter together with 12.5PS @ 10,000 rpm, it ended up being the fore runner for the Honda CB125SS, the Honda SS125 and also the Honda 125 K collection sports motorcycles.

Get Cruising With The Razor Pocket Mod

Your child’s next Christmas or Birthday gift should be a special one. Getting a good gift from mom and dad is likely to really excite the child, and help them to have a ton of fun. With the best gifts in mind, Razor has once again outdone themselves with the all new Razor Pocket Mod. The Razor company continues to go above and beyond the call of duty that toy companies have to children, which is to provide them with the best toys they can possibly invent. Building upon their tremendous run with the collapsible kick scooters, Razor continues to push the toy industry into the future with exciting new products like this one.

Don’t Pick The Wrong Razor Batteries For Your Scooter

Razor scooters have an edge over the classic scooters because they are battery operated. It also gives you a smooth and quiet ride along with ample speed. There are many versions of Razor scooters suitable for each clan of people – be it adults, kids or teenagers. Razor Electric Scooter, Razor MX Dirt Bike, Pocket Rocket, Pocket Mod, Go Kart, Drifter, Dirt Quad, Dune Buggy all operate on batteries which are easily available.

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Riding a motorcycle is a great feeling, as long as you are warm and dry while doing it. As the weather turns from summer to fall and settles into winter, you are going to need to acquire some winter riding accessories to keep you warm while riding. The best place to start in your journey to a warmer ride is as close to your body as possible.

Riding the International Selkirk Loop in Eastern Washington and British Columbia

The International Selkirk Loop has lots of great sweeps, twisties and esses for those full of adventure. It also takes you into Canada for the longest free ferry ride in North America. However, be sure before you leave on this ride that you have a passport, one of your favorite leather jackets for women, and a friend or two to enjoy all the great sights with you. This loop has been designated as one of the top 10 scenic destinations in the Northern Rockies.

The History of the Honda VTR1000

The Honda VTR1000F is a sport bike that features a V twin engine and was produced by Honda between 1997-2005. Before the year 2005, the original model was the design behind the much improved Honda VTR1000 Firestorm.

The Razor Motorcycle Is a Cheap Way to Get Around

Razor brand has a series of motorcycles like the Razor Pocket Rocker and Razor MX Series Dirt Bikes (MX350, MX500, MX650). For passionate riders, a Razor motorcycle is something with which you can perform even difficult feats and challenges.

The History of the Honda VFR750

Many riders have been lucky enough to give the Honda VFR750 sport touring motorcycle as spin. This well equipped Honda motorcycle was first put into production between 1986 and 1997. The only big difference that was changed in later years with the Honda VFR750 was that Honda designed this powerful bike with an ELF single sided rear swing-arm.

Scorpion Helmet Great Choice for Budget Riders

Scorpion Exo has been one of the best manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and other protective gear. They were aiming to provide motorcycle riders with excellent quality products but with budget price. Scorpion helmet is usually tough and long-lasting, and doesn’t cost a premium.

Triumph Speedmaster Exhaust Never Lets Your Dream Ride Exhaust

A Stainless Steel Speedmaster Pipe can be a better choice for you if you want to go on a dream ride on your Triumph Speedmaster. The stainless steel of grade 304 is durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.

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