ESG Team Leaks the Best Wish Lists in the Scooter XMAS Battle | ESG Liveshow #64

Tonight, Chuck, Ramier and Paul will reveal their top picks of scooters for their Christmas wishlist! You will also get to vote on which scooters you believe to be the better choice! Categories included tonight:
1. Best Corner Store Runner
2. Best Commuter Scooter
3. Best Weekend Warrior
4. Best Scooter for Your Mom

Vote for your favorite scooter in each Christmas wishlist category:
1. Follow this link:
2. Go to and enter the code “75 45 09 9”.
**Polling is closed.**

Intro: 00:00
ESG Photo Friday: 6:29
Community Content: 11:15
Scooter XMAS Battle: 25:40
– Best Corner Store Scooter 27:36
– Best Daily Commuter 39:26
– Best Weekend Warrior 49:49
– Best Scooter for your Mom 58:57
Deal of the Week: 1:11:21
Industry News: 1:14:10
Facebook Giveaway: 1:28:49

DEAL OF THE WEEK (Apollo Explore:
Source: Apollo Scooters
Deal: Apollo Explore ($1099 – lowest price ever) with one free upgrade or accessory with purchase
(Add any single upgrade/accessory in the cart and it will automatically be deducted at checkout)


🎞️To Submit a (less than 4 min) Community Scooter Video🎞️:
– send youtube link to: or
– 📤 upload video to:

*San Francisco’s first permitted e-scooter company, Skip to be purchased by Helbiz (NY based):
*Contra Costa county (here in northern CA) is giving cash rebate of $150-300 when you buy a new e-bike:
*Bolt reveals 4th generation scooter with more range, beefier build, and safety features:
*Experts in China call for mandatory helmet laws:
*Micromobility start-up, Voi launches AI selfie tool to reward e-scooter riders wearing a helmet:

*Urban Machina Holiday Sales:
**With each scooter purchase, can pick 3 free accessories from selection in cart (value of up to $150)
***Inokim OXO:
***EVOLV Pro-R:
***Inokim Light 2 Super:
*Voro Motors – Purple EMOVE Touring (
**Available January 2021 in purple
**Currently available in white, orange, or black
*Apollo Scooters are all on sale while supplies last
**Free accessory or upgrade with every scooter purchased
**No U.S. sales tax for scooter purchases
**Free shipping

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