Emove Touring Electric Scooter Review 4K – Another Big Guy Review

Emove Touring Electric Scooter Review 4K – Another Big Guy Review
Had the opportunity to try out the Emove Touring and I really liked it.
It’s kinda slow for a big guy, but light and peppy off the line. Super easy to fold up and carry…love the handle bar design…uber safe…comfy ride (bit noisy on the bumps) but overall a very solid little electric scooter.


Skill Level

Weight Capacity

Handlebar Features
Handlebar Style
Adjustable Handlebar

Frame and Deck Features

Brake Type

Physical Features
Weight 18 kg

Water Resistance Rating

25miles (~ 40km) for smaller people 🙂

Thanks to Michael for coming out and helping me with the scooter review and bringing a brand new 360 Camera for me to try out and for shooting some awesome B-Roll…always a blast!

#EMOVE #Voromotors #EMOVETouring

Also thank you to Ride the Glide for lending me the scooter for the review 🙂

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