Emove Cruiser vs Zero 10 Review Comparison – Another Big Guy Eclectic Scooter Review 2021

Emove Cruiser vs Zero 10 Review Comparison
Awesome Sunday here in Victoria so I thought I would do a comparison video on which scooter is the best for my uses. They’re both amazing scooters…which one would you choose?

Zero 10
52V 18 Ah
1000W motor
24 kg / 52 lbs
Max 50 km/h
45 – 60 km
10″ tires
Front spring. Rear hydraulic suspen.
Dual disk. Re-gen braking
Front and Rear lights
Generic Display

EMove Cruiser
52V 30Ah LG
600W motor
23 kg / 52 lbs
Max 45 km/h
80 – 100 km
10″ tires
Tubeless Pneumatic
Fr hydraulic coil spring. Rear air
Dual Semi-hydraulic. Re-gen braking
Front / Rear and Signal lights
Generic Display

Special thank you to Ride the Glide for lending me the scooters for today’s test!

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