Elektrik skuter | Electric scooter | KAABO |MANTIS 8 | 1st impression

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In this video i will cover for Kaabo Mantis 8 & 8 pro

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kaabo Mantis 8 spec as follow

Battery : 48V 24.5 AH
Motor : 800W x 2
peak at 3200W
Suspension : C-spring
Tire Size : 8×3.0
Brake : Zoom mechanical brake
Top speed : 50km/h
Range : Up to 80km
Weight : 27kg
Max Load : 120kg

if you gais looking for last mile transportation with more power, this is it.
i have try it and the performance surprised me.

this is light weight escooter and powerfull.

You guys can check for more details on Jerung wheels

Website : https://jerungwheels.com/
FB : https://www.facebook.com/jerungwheels/
IG : https://instagram.com/jerungwheels?igshid=1aop3bf3mfxow

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