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Kaabo Mantis 10 & 10 Pro by Jerung Wheels!

Got an invitation by Jerung Wheels members to test up their new Kaabo Mantis 10

Prize will be at :

Mantis 10 : RM 5,888
Mantis 10 pro : RM 7,888

Specifications as below :


Voltage : 60V 25ah
Controller : 25A x 2
Motor : 1000w each ( 2000w ) – peak at 3200w
Tire Size : 10 inch
Suspension : C sepension
Brake : EABS + semi-hydraulic
Max Speed : Up to 60kmh
Range : Up to 90km
Weight : 30kg
Max Load : 120kg


Voltage : 48V 13ah
Controller : 20A
Motor : 800w
Tire Size : 10 inch
Suspension : C sepension
Brake : Mechanical Disc Break
Max Speed : Up to 35kmh
Range : Up to 40km
Weight : 22kg
Max Load : 120kg

i have try both scooter, so lets start with Mantis 10.
For 48V escoot, kaabo still can provide the balance between power delivery and comfort for rider. pretty muh amaze on how smooth were the power delivery. i have not experience the delay during throttling. since the weight are just only 22kg, who wanna do trick or jump this is the one!. i can lift up both tires during riding with ease.

Next the Mantis 10 Pro.
The build, the quality, the riding experience it is one of a kind. i do try compare this with Dualtron 2 limited and Zero 10x but at last my feeling is more that combination of this both escooter. Power wise it follow or slightly better than DT2L and riding comfort little bit tweak from Zero 10x.

I notice that the controller are using minimotor controller and suspension type look like Zero10 type. The height clearance from ground level to deck is bigggggg! wanna go down the stairs or to avoid big rock should be no issue.

other than that Mantis 10 need to have more brighter front light if wanna bring for night ride.

You guys can check for more details on Jerung wheels

Website : https://jerungwheels.com/
FB : https://www.facebook.com/jerungwheels/
IG : https://instagram.com/jerungwheels?igshid=1aop3bf3mfxow

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