Electric Unicycle Team Rider – Roger Chapman

An insight to Ride + Glide EUC Team Rider – Roger Chapman.

Roger has been in the extreme world his whole life, whether it’s on the land or sea, there is nothing he won’t try!

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Cost Effective Motorbike Security Laserline

This Italian manufacturer of vehicle security systems was founded way back in 1987 and some 22 years later, remains a prominent force in the UK industry. Perhaps one of their most recognized benefits is their incredible value for money. Unlike Datatool, Laserline is possibly better known for its range of car and commercial vehicle security devices (and is a very popular choice for the Motorhome owner), rather than purely Bike Security.

Tips For Setting Up a Budget Priced 2 Bike Helmet Headset Communication System

Enjoying the open road on your motorcycle is a great experience. There may be times though, when you want to expand that experience by communicating with your passenger or riding partners.

Motorcycle Title Loans – Are They Different From Auto Title Loans?

When it comes to Motorcycle title Loans, just as with an automobile, you must use your vehicle as collateral for the loan. And again, just as with a car, if you are unable to pay your loan and miss a payment or more, you could lose your motorcycle to repossession.

Yamaha Road Bike – Types of Road Bikes Available

Yamaha Dealers located around the world offer road bike enthusiasts a wide range of motorcycles that appeal to each and every individual rider. We have outlined four of the many road bikes currently available from Yamaha Dealers below, listing a few distinctive characteristics for each bike.

Motorcycle Safety Gear – What You Need to Know

Motorcycle safety has to be one of the top priorities for individuals who ride motorcycles or who plan on riding them. According to webbikeworld.com (an online motorcycle review website) many accidents involving motorcycle fatalities usually result from riders not wearing safety helmets. Also, lack of other safety gear contributes to other injuries and problems associated with motorcycle riding.

Harley Davidson Rain Gear – Because Riding Wet Sucks!

There is nothing more liberating than a ride on a motorcycle. Nothing can beat the feeling of extreme freedom you get with the wind blowing back your hair and the sun shining on your face. Just like life though, riding outside means you will encounter the occasional rain shower. Riding in the pouring rain is not only extremely unpleasant but can be very dangerous.

Advantages of Buying a Pit Bike Over Traditional Japanese Bike

Pit bikes became popular 5-6 years ago and flooded the market. They are still popular today because provide several advantages over buying a traditional Japanese bike. These factors will always allow Pit bike to remain a strong force in the low end market.

The History of Matchless Motorcycles

For a while, Matchless were the largest motorcycle maker and from the turn of the century, the Collier Brothers were involved in powered two wheelers. Both Harry and Charlie Collier believed in competition, and before World War 1, the marque was well established. The company’s premises were in Plumstead, South East London, and were well removed from the Midlands centre of the industry, but this seemed to have little effect on their prosperity.

Motorcycles and the Indian Connection

Motorcycles were introduced in India in the beginning of the last century. Bikes were imported from Europe. After independence the market was opened for manufacture of two wheelers in a controlled economy. With liberalization the market has opened and world class bikes are now available in India. India produces nearly 6 million bikes in a year and the market is growing. International favorites like Harley Davidson, Yamaha and Ducati are all set to hit the road in India. With a burgeoning economy and large middle class the foreign manufacturers have taken to manufacturing bikes in a big way in India .Coupled with cheap labor the Indian bike market can only go forward.

The Use of Polarized Sun Lenses in Snowmobiling and Motorcyling

First of all, motor sports are vision sports. Keen, acute vision capabilities are as paramount to safe and successful participation in motor sports activities as training, balance and coordination. Add the increased speeds and reduced reaction time of competition and visual capabilities become even more critical. Because of this, any means of enhancing or positively affecting the visual abilities of a motor sports participant is a good thing and should be considered by all of those who participate in motor sports activities.

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