Electric Scooter Trailer How To. My Dog loves to ride on my Varla Eagle One!

Varla Scooter https://varlascooter.com?sca_ref=459809.jASVLVHM9T
Dog Trailer https://amzn.to/37tJqkX
Camera https://amzn.to/3fVaJIJ
Drone https://amzn.to/3qj9rfn

How to connect a trailer to your Varla electric scooter. This Schwinn dog trailer is made for a bicycle but is easily adapted so you can take your best freind along! My Varla Eagle One electric scooter has plenty of power and battery capacity to carry us both. Our first ride was about 8 miles to GT Bray Park. I will test the range out more soon. What else could I put in this trailer?? Extra batteries, beer cooler, who knmows???? Leave a comment of what you think I can haul in it!!! Make sure to Like and Subscribe and I guess clicking the notifications bell is important to Youtube now? Hit me up with any questions about the scooter or paramotor training!
Hang in there paramotor friends!! I’m trying to make my channel cross over. This will hopefully bring more great people into our sport and help to grow my channel! Sell those Onewheels and get one of these. They blow the OW’s away!!!

Road Hazards and the Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle riding can be fun and is on the rise, partly due to the large increase in gasoline prices. Riding a bike can be far less expensive than driving a car. However, one consequence of new riders is that they are inexperienced, and may not be fully aware of the numerous hazards which are present on many of the well traveled roads. Knowing what to expect can help to alleviate a serious motorcycle accident.

Why Choose Affordable Motorcycle Parts?

Today, there are a lot of manufacturers and producers who sell different kinds of products targeting a wide range of consumers and customers. This includes practical manufacturers and businessmen. They are very much known for their no-nonsense approach to business and they do not actually complicate their process of meeting demand with supply which makes them very popular in the business world.

Take a Closer Look at Nature’s Artistry While Riding on Your Bike

Freedom has a different meaning for each one of us. We all want to be free from boundaries, restrictions and limitations. However, getting rid of all boundaries is neither easy nor sane.

Wearing a Helmet

Do we need to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or a bicycle. This article explains the most important things about using a helmet in Q and A form.

Motorcycle Shipping Rates and Methods

Are you wondering how to prepare your bike for shipping? Learn how it’s done here and find a connection for pricing your shipment!

9 Experts That Keep You on the Road

As much as the image of a motorcycle rider conjures up feelings of independence, that experience would not be possible without input from a team of experts. You rely on them to design and maintain your bike, help you find the bike that’s right for you, and teach you to ride.

How To Choose Motorbike Tyres

Tyre for motorcycles are of paramount importance. They are the main point of contact between the rider and machine and the road. They have to transfer the braking and acceleration forces as well as providing grip whilst cornering. This article sets out the main factors that should be taken into account when selecting the right tyres for your motorbike.

Picking Out The Best Motorcycle Gear

There’s something exciting about hitting the open road on two wheels. Motorcycle riders will testify to the fact that there is no other way to travel that can bring such excitement with relative ease. It’s for that reason that so many are looking to jump into the greatness that comes through moving forward with purchase and riding their own ride.

Staying Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle: Road Tips

No matter how much you paid for your motorcycle gear, your safety helmet and all of your other accessories, there is nothing that can keep you as safe as you can keep yourself when you are on a motorcycle. This is not to say that safety equipment does not help, because it certainly does. However, being a safe rider and avoiding accidents is far better than having gear that can help you if you are in an accident.

Increasing Your Bike’s Value

After you buy a new motorcycle, you may want to think about doing whatever you can to increase the value of the bike. For one thing, this is just good for your overall investment. For another, you may be able to sell the bike for more than you paid if you ever feel like getting rid of it.

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