Electric Scooter Trail Ride Varla Eagle One

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Too windy to fly Paramotors so it’s off to a local park to ride scooters. The Varla eats up the trails and sand. we only put on about 5 miles this day but a lot of it was offroad. I left out the real bumpy stuff because the video quality wasn’t good. Good times!

Information on Girls’ Bike Helmet Styles

Women riding girls’ bike should always use the right kind of protective gear. The most important gear for them is helmet. Currently there are three different types of girl’s helmets available on the market; they are: full-face helmets, half shell helmets and three-quarter shell helmets.

Ladies Motorcycles and Their Features

There are some features that make ladies bikes different from the motorcycles meant for men. The most prominent one among them is their appearance. Motorcycles designed for women also offer much smoother riding experience.

Features To Look For In A Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets are the first pieces of safety gear to consider when creating a shopping list of protective motorcycle products. Not only are they required by law but they’re the single biggest component that can decide whether you should survive an accident.

Motorbike Riding Tips to Follow When Riding With a Group

You must follow certain motor bike riding tips when riding with a group. Following those tips is essential to prevent accidents as well as to ensure that other motorists on the road do not get disturbed by you and other members of the group.

How to Reduce the Insurance Premium for Your ATV Bike

If you own an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), you would want to ensure that it is appropriately insured. Insurance not only protects you from financial liability in case the ATV gets damaged, it is also necessary in case you want to drive it on public roads. However, insurance can be expensive, leading to most people looking for ways to lower their insurance premium.

Things To Do Before Riding A Motorcycle

This article is about a few important things that you should do before riding a motorcycle. Check the article and ride safe.

Nervous About Riding a Motorcycle? 5 Reasons Not to Be

Motorcycle riding is relatively safe – Just like driving a car, riding a plane, riding a boat or even if you are just seated on your comfortable office chair, death can creep on anyone at any time or place. This is the reality of living on borrowed time. We can not predict our future.

The Perils of Using Auction Houses to Buy and Sell Classic Motorcycles

Using large, well known auction houses to buy or sell your classic motorcycle can be a very hit or miss affair. If you have a classic motorcycle, or collection of classic motorcycles to sell, or you’re looking to buy, what are the pitfalls of using such auction houses? Knowing these pitfalls, what can you do about it? Start by reading this and look at an intriguing alternative that works.

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle – How to Take a Corner

Not all motorcycle riders, especially beginners, are familiar with the proper techniques in taking corners. Some do it by feel, while some do it by imitating what other riders do. Here are some basic steps on how to take corners according to the Motorcyclist magazine.

Who Invented the First Motorcycle?

Motorcycle History – In 1867, an inventor by the name of Sylvester H. Roper made a velocipede with a coal-fired steam engine unit. The engine is mounted on a specially built chassis and had no pedal crank.

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