Electric Bike or Electric Scooter: Which is Better for You in 2021?

I have had the opportunity to try out many Electric Scooters and find that in a lot of cases they are exceptional in many ways. They’re light, they’re usually cheaper, they’re compact and super easy to ride. So I thought I would try out some electric bikes and see which is better.

On a chilly winter’s day, Melissa and Michael and I tried out both an E-Scooter and an Electric Bicycle. I must say the ride on the bicycle over the bumps is much nicer (especially the bridge with wooden slats) and I think for longer range commutes where you have a safe spot for storage at home and at work then an e-bike could be a good fit. For me however, I work from home and the bike storage area where I live is …less safe. As a result I need to carry the electric scooter up the stairs and it’s a lot lighter than an e-bike. Overall I find the scooter easier to work with in a city…I can roll it around a grocery store, ride it to soccer practice and if I’m visiting friends, just fold it up and carry it and leave it safely stored until my departure.

Which do you prefer? Electric Scooter or Electric Bicycle?
I’ll be reviewing some E-Bikes in the coming weeks ­čÖé

Daytona Bike Week – A Brief History

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast in North America, you’ve no doubt heard about one of the biggest biker rallies and parties in the United States and the entire world. ┬áDaytona Bike Week is an amazing motorcycle event that brings together approximately a half million like minded bikers each and every year.

Detailing Your Motorcycle After Winter

It’s about that time: winter is slowly coming to a close, which means your motorcycle can come out of storage! That first ride of the season is so invigorating and exhilarating; the new spring air flows across your body and helmet, the scent of freshly cut grass and budding plants fills the air and when you take off from the red light you were stopped at, your tires grip the pavement in a celebratory release of thanks as they have been cooped up all winter.

Electric Moped – The Eco-Friendly Solution To Rising Gas Prices

An electric moped is a rechargeable-battery-powered version of a traditional gas-powered moped. There are many different versions, ranging from the pedal-assisted bicycle, through the moped scooter, up to a full-blown motorcycle. As an alternative to the pollution and noise of gas-powered vehicles, together with the rising costs of petrol, why not consider going green with an electric moped. Read this article to find out about the advantages of using electric-powered vehicles, and which would be the right type to choose for your lifestyle.

The Arkansas Pig Trail Motorcycle Trip

Located in the scenic Arkansas Ozark National Forest, the Arkansas Pig Trail is a nineteen mile motorcycle ride through perhaps the most charming scenery in the state of Arkansas. One will notice while navigating this challenging motorcycle route that this historic road provides its guests a combination of rock formations, waterfalls, scenic Ozark mountain views, and Mulberry River water attractions.   Getting to the Arkansas Pig Trail The Pig Trail (AR-23) motorcycle ride starts from the south end in the town Ozark, AR.

Motorcycle Myths Uncovered

There are many myths out there when it comes to motorcycles. The only problem is the majority of the myths are not true. Learn the truth about the popular motorcycle myths.

About Winter Motorcycle Riding

The love of motorcycle riding does not die with the change of seasons. You can still enjoy riding even when the winter weather hits. It just takes the right know-how on protecting your body and motorcycle to do so safely.

The Benefits of Buying Used Parts for Your Sportbike

There are many benefits of buying used parts for your sportbike. Save your cash for buying fuel instead of spending it on expensive new parts for your sportbike.

A Secret Benefit to Buying Used Sportbike Parts Instead of New Parts

There can be many reasons why someone might choose to buy a used part for their sportbike instead of new, but a lot of people don’t realized that there is often a hidden bonus when they purchase used parts for their motorcycle. Let me explain this little “secret” that could save you a whole lot of money, time, and frustration over the course of maintaining your motorcycle. First let me explain where all of the used parts come from.

Where to Find Deals on Used Sportbike Parts

Sportbikes are a ton of fun, but they often need to have parts replaced or repaired. So what do you do? You can either buy new or you can buy used. Not too many people are aware of the fact that used parts are often just as good as new parts and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of new!

Good Things to Know About Scooter Batteries

Smaller vehicles are in heavy demand as people try to save money on their daily commutes. Buying scooter batteries is a worthwhile investment since these vehicles are highly fuel efficient. Some types are completely electric, requiring no gas at all.

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