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OhManDan gives away a ($7000 dollar) Dualtron X to a Very Special WiNNER.

Scooter Helmets – Yes – You Should Wear One

No one ever thinks they are going to be in an accident. Everyone believes that it can’t happen to them. You are pushing your luck if you truly believe this. Wearing a helmet whether you are on a Harley or a Moped is the SMART thing to do. It is covering and protecting the part of your body that allows you to make this decision. Your Brain.

A Profile of Today’s Average Biker

In a recent survey, results concluded that some 50% have a tattoo, and one-third wear beards, yet, only 7% have long hair or a pony tail. Some 60% surveyed had a managerial role at work, taking home a high wage. In a sense, this is not a surprise, because a good motorbike is not cheap.

Vital Motocross Parts For Your Dirt Bike

Motocross riding is one of the most high intensity extreme sports in the world. It involves all-terrain outdoor riding, basically which means that all kinds of courses, whether rocky, or muddy is used for most racing events. In the aftermarket industry, parts of motocross bikes fall under highly specialized motorcycle categories.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Pull-Behind Trailer

Today many Bikers desire to travel with all the comforts of home. This has led to traveling many miles pulling motorcycle trailers behind bikes. On long trips, many bikers live out of a motorcycle trailer for weeks at a time, and find that once they add a trailer to their motorcycle, they never want to travel without one.

Why Scooters Are Great For Summer and Recessions

City dwellers across the U.S have become aware of a cheap way to travel around the city blocks. In these financially dire times, using motor scooters to, not only get around the block, but even for traveling to work, has become more than a fad. Its now becoming very normal. It saves a ton of money on gas.

O’Neal’s Element Fastrack Helmet Review

Earlier this year (2009), O’Neal presented its new Element Fastrack motorbike helmet and if the customer reviews are any indication, the market seems to have literally fallen in love with it. So just what is it about the Element Fastrack helmet that’s got the market so excited?

Motorcycle Sales Scoot Along Thanks to New Waves of Riders

In Virginia the weather has taken a beautiful, sudden turn from a lot of rain to a lot of heat and sunshine as April comes to a close and we welcome in May. Already seeing a couple of days reach higher than 90 degrees on the thermometer, it has warmed up quickly — perhaps some indication that a very hot summer lies ahead. And other than plummeting into a nearby pool, lake or ocean, what better way to beat the heat than to hit the open road with nothing between you and the pavement except the metal steed of your …

Yamaha R6 Exhaust

An article about Yamaha R6 aftermarket exhausts. What options is there and do you need one …

The X22 Super Bike Mini Motorcycle – Is it Legal to Ride One on a Public Street?

The X22 super bike claims to be among the absolute best in super pocket bikes as far as how street legal these mini motorcycles can be. But just how street legal is “street legal”? Do these pocket bikes meet all of the street legal standards of every location? And if not, to what extent must we modify the X22 super bike and other models in its class in order to meet regional and state guidelines?

Do Women Really Need a Specially Designed Motorcycle Model?

Is it marketing hype or reality? Since I am doing this business, every year or so I hear about a shop proclaiming that it is building a motorcycle model to be mass produced just for women…

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